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TV Ads Featuring Dogs

We have found some of the funniest, cutest and most adorable television adverts featuring dogs. Be prepared to laugh and smile as these videos pull at your heart strings. Who can resist watching a few cute dog videos? These clever TV ads show just how much of an impact dogs can have on our lives. Take a look at them and decide on your favourite. If you know of any other fantastic TV ads featuring dogs then please comment and share them below.

 1. Harvey And Rabbit

Dog owners across the country can relate to this video of an owner attempting to throw out an old toy. It definitely falls into the adorable category.


2. Be More Dog

O2’s campaign ‘Be More Dog’ has certainly had a big impact. These ads encourage us to think more like a dog and see the world like they do. Make sure you check this video, although it stars a cat, it admits to wanting to be more dog.


3. Volkswagen Woofwagen Dog Adverts

What more could you want from a TV ad than watching different breeds of dogs hanging out of car windows? For some reason, dogs just adore sticking their faces out of car windows, and this ad captures this perfectly.


4. Volkswagen Dog Commercial 2013, Dog Sounds Like A Car

This stars a noisy dog that growls, whines and barks constantly. So much so that it sounds similar to the engine of a car. Owners with noisy dogs can relate to this owner and his rather vocal pet.


5. Cesar: Love Them Back 2013 Advert

This advert is set in a stunning little village in Italy. It follows the daily activities of an old man and his beloved dog. The Westie that stars in this advert is such a cute little dog. This is a lovely emotive advert that truly captures the relationship between dog and owner.


6. New Funny Budweiser Dog Advert

A silly video had to make it onto the list. Collies are pretty intelligent dogs, this smart cookie has learned how to retrieve a Budweiser for its owner. However, he has some competition from his friend.


7. Andrex And Guide Dogs TV Advert

How could we miss out the legendary Andrex puppies? Let’s face it, everyone loves watching a TV ad with lots of sweet puppies. These gorgeous little pups are in training, and Andrex wants you to help them become fully fledged guide dogs.


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