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Tricks To Teach Your Dog That Will Help You Around The Home









Assistance dogs can be trained to do lots of helpful tasks for their owners. A lot of the things they can do are amazing and require a lot of training. You can teach your dog a few tasks that will help you around the home, they don’t have to be an assistance dog to be able to do it. However, don’t be fooled into thinking your dog will be able to do these tricks straight away, they take a lot of practice.

It’s not just helpful for you, it’s good to give your dog a job to do and provide them with some mental stimulation. These sorts of tricks are particularly good for high energy dog that need to keep busy. Here are five helpful tasks for your dog to do around the home.


Fetch/find it

If you can teach your dog to fetch items this can come in handy around the home. You can get them to pick up and bring things to you that you need such as the tv remote or your keys. Here is a video that will help you teach your dog to fetch and bring things to you


Canine cleaner

Are you fed up of tidying your house? Dogs can be taught to pick rubbish up and put it in the bin for your. They often get taught initially to pick up their toys and put them back in a box. This is a great trick to teach your dog that they will enjoy doing.


Open and close doors

In order to teach your dog to close doors you need to first teach them ‘touch’. This is where they learn to touch your hand with their nose or paw. This can then be transferred to a marker on a door. Before you teach your dog to open a door think about whether this could be a big mistake. Dogs that can open doors can escape easily or get into areas of the house you want them to stay out of.


Fetch tissues

This is probably the laziest of the tricks to teach, but it’s quite cute to get your dog to do it in front of your friends. Get your dog to go to your tissue box, pull out a tissue and bring it to you. You can even teach them to put it in the bin afterwards. to discover how to teach this trick.


Take the washing out

Assistance dogs are often taught to do this for their owners, especially if they are physically impaired. Here is a very cute dog showing off her laundry skills:

You can also teach them to grab your clothes out of the washing machine and put them in a washing basket.


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