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Top tips for cat owners

  • Cat should live in dry, warm places. If their environment is cold and wet, this can cause health problems.
  • Cat should have the ability to hide when they feel scared and anxious. If they are unable to hide, then it can cause anxiety problems.
  • Cats can be very territorial animals and as a result they can become very emotionally attached to certain places. New environments with unfamiliar smells can cause distress and anxiety.
  • Cats are very intelligent creatures. Cats like many other pets, need lots of physical and mental stimulation. If they fail to get this, then they can suffer.   
  • Cats by their very nature are very inquisitive animals. It is always prudent to make sure there are no potentially hazardous items left about your house, which could cause injury to your cat.
  • Cats require easy access to a litter tray. This should be located as far away as possible for their food and bed.
  • If you have more than one cat in your house, then it is best to supply enough toys, beds and hiding places for all your cats. This prevents fighting and enables them to get away from each other when they feel scared.
  • If you are travelling with your cat, or taking them to a new place, then it is best to use a secure cat carrier & when you arrive, introduce your cat gradually. Putting familiar smelling items in the cat carrier can help your cat feel at ease when travelling and re-locating 
  • Cats require the freedom to run, climb, jump, stretch and exercise when they feel like it. If you have an indoor cat, then you could consider purchasing a cat activity centre, which are ideal for keeping your cat stimulated. These products can be purchased from any decent . 
  • If you are going on holiday, always try to find someone to look after your cat.  
  • Cats tend to feel safer the higher up they are. For this reason it is a good idea to make sure your cat can reach a high place where it can rest: Shelves for example are great for this purpose.
  • A funny thing about cats is that if you move house, they actually may try to get back to their old home. Therefore it is usually best to keep them indoors for 1 to 2 weeks after you move.


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