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Top 5 Ultimate Experiences For Cat Lovers

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Do you know someone that is a crazy cat person? If you have a partner, friend or family member that adores cats then why not get them a cat experience. A cat related present is perfect for someone who loves felines. Surprise them with an unforgettable experience for their birthday or a special occasion. Here are our top 5 ultimate experiences for cat lovers to give you some inspiration.

1.Seeing wild cats

Nothing beats the experience of seeing a mighty wild cat in the flesh. Cat lovers would probably appreciate seeing some large wild cats. Give them an unforgettable experience such as a big cat encounter, cat feeding experience or big cats photography experience day. There are plenty of zoos and wildlife parks throughout the UK that offer these type of experiences. The cats aren’t wild unfortunately as they are kept in captivity, but you can still appreciate how spectacular they are. You can see cousins of the domestic cat such as lions and tigers.

2.Visiting a cat rescue centre

If you are thinking of getting a new cat consider getting a rescue cat instead of buying a kitten from a breeder. Cat lovers would enjoy visiting a rescue centre and looking for potential cats to adopt. They could even volunteer their time and offer to help out at the centre for a few hours. If you aren’t looking to adopt then you might be able to help the rescue centre in some way.

3. Seeing kittens

If you love cats then you will absolutely adore seeing kittens. Have any of your friends just got a new kitten? Take your loved one to go and visit so they can spend time playing with a kitten. You could even offer to babysit a kitten. Kittens are absolutely adorable and will not fail to make a cat lover happy.

4. Going to a cat cafe

A few cat cafes are popping up around the UK and throughout the world. You can take your cat to have coffee with you and interact with lots of other cats and their owners. What could be better for a cat lover? Head to but be sure to book in advance as this cat cafe is in high demand.

5.Cat Keeper at a zoo for the day

At a select few zoos you can actually be a zookeeper for the day. This means you will get plenty of opportunities to see the big cats and maybe even help out at feeding times. This is a fantastic experience for anyone who loves cats and wild animals.


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