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Top 5 Funny Cat Videos

Some of the most popular videos on Youtube are of animals doing funny, fascinating and entertaining things. Cats in particular have captured the hearts of millions around the world. People just can’t seem to get enough of funny feline videos. If you love cats then you will probably have come across some of the top cat videos online, you can spend hours watching hilarious clips of cute cats. Here are our top picks in the funny cats category.

1. Stalking/Ninja Cat

This cat slowly gets closer to its target without being detected.’ This clip is funny and creepy at the same time. Have you ever seen a cat stalk its prey? This sneaky little cat is showing off it’s stalking skills, each time the camera cuts away it gets a little closer. Add in some scary music and the stalking cat comes to life.

Views - 862,000

2. Funny Cats In Water

Who knew watching cats play in water could be so entertaining? This clip is one of the most viewed cat videos for a reason, because cats messing around in water is funny to watch. Drinking from a tap, falling in a bath, taking a shower, swimming with ducks, this clip has it all.

Views - 74,257,000

Uploaded - July 2011

3. Henri 2, Paw de Deux

This is a very clever little clip that plays on cats common characteristics and behaviours. All cat owners will be able to relate to this video about what it’s like to be a cat on a daily basis. We all wonder what our pets are thinking and this video could be quite close to reality. Enjoy this well put together, cleverly edited video. One of the best lines is ‘I am free to go, yet I remain’.

Views - 7,465,600

Uploaded - April 2012

4. Keyboard Cat

Cats playing musical instruments cannot fail to be hilarious. Keyboard cat has become an internet sensation, impressing viewers with his talent for music. Whether or not the video is real or fake, it has commanded a lot of attention and generated a huge amount of views. See what you think by watching the video.

Views - 30,981,800

Uploaded - June 2007

5. Cats Playing Patty-cake, what they were saying...

This is a charming video that puts a voiceover over natural play behaviour. The two cats appear to be playing Patty-cake with their paws and the result is adorable. Another funny take on cats being cats, with this one it’s the voiceover that completes the video.

Views - 17,417,800

Uploaded - Nov 2010


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