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Top 5 Dog Films

All dog lovers enjoy a good dog film, and there are definitely plenty to choose from. From action packed adventures and family fun to heart wrenching tales, there is a dog film for everyone.  Choosing a top 5 is a very difficult challenge, as there are so many fantastic dog films to choose from, but somehow we did it. Here is our list of top 5 dog films, any other suggestions are welcome.


When it comes to dog films, Beethoven is definitely top dog. Everyone has heard of this film featuring a lovely St Bernard. The father character played by Charles Grodin is not fond of the new oversized addition to the family, and is rather unimpressed by Beethoven’s antics. Meanwhile the rest of the family have fallen in love and when poor Beethoven become the target for a terrible animal experiment, everyone pulls together to save him. This is a charming family adventure that is not to be missed.

Homeward Bound

Many dog owners can relate to this adventurous tale of dogs getting lost and trying to make their way back home. Hundreds of dogs get lost or go missing every day, and people will do anything to get their pooches. This film shows the adventures and challenges of two dogs and a cat, who are left behind when their family goes on holiday. It’s a lovely heart-warming story that provides lots of entertainment, definitely worth a watch.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

This film is actually based on a true story, about a professor who rescues an abandoned dog that he bonds with and takes home. He finds the dog all alone at a train station and initially hopes to find the dog’s owner. However, nobody comes forward to claim poor Hachi. The bond between owner and dog is shown very accurately in this film as you watch Hachi and his new owner grow closer. This film isn’t perhaps as well-known as some of the other major dog films but it definitely deserves its place.

101 Dalmatians

How could we miss off 101 Dalmatians? This famous tale of two Dalmatians and their pups taking on the terror of Cruella De Vil is hard to forget. Watching hundreds of puppies is a delight and the characters in this film (aside from Cruella) are all easy to warm to. Dalmatians are very popular and lovely dogs and the stars of this movie are no exception.

Marley and Me

When this film came out everyone was talking about how hard it was to watch. It’s a brilliant representation of how a dog fits into a family, and the hilarious challenges that can arise over the years. No one can resist the charms of an adorable puppy, but this one turns out to be a very naughty little dog that causes chaos. This one really does draw you in and tug on your heartstrings and that’s why it’s made our list.


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