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Top 10 Things Dog Owners Want To Achieve

All dogs owners want to have a well trained dog. However, things don’t always go to plan and some dogs can be more challenging than others. Thinking you can teach a dog hundreds of tricks might be a little ambitious, it’s the basics you want them to master first. The following things are behaviours that most dog owners would like their dog to be able to do, a lot of them are simply for safety reasons. Others are mainly for our benefit. Here are the top 10 things dog owners usually want their dogs to achieve in their lifetime.

  • Loose lead walking


It’s not much fun being dragged along by your dog, and it can be very tiring. Loose lead walking takes a lot of patience on the owners part but it’s definitely worth the effort in the end.



  • Not jumping up at people


This is important because jumping up can offend some people who don’t like dogs and also occasionally cause injuries. Dogs need to learn their manners and how to greet humans nicely.



  • Dropping on command


If your dog gets something in their mouth you don’t want them to eat it’s crucial that you can get them to drop it. What they have in their mouth might be dangerous or precious to the owner.



  • Leave it


The same applies to leave it, if your dog goes to eat or sniff something that is hazardous then you can try and stop them with the leave it command.



  • Reliable recall


Recall is another important command dogs need to learn for safety reasons. If your dog doesn’t have reliable recall don’t let them off the lead. You need to be able to have control over your dog when they are off lead.



  • Stay


There are times when you may want your dog to sit and stay in one place. This is a very useful command that can also keep your dog out of danger.



  • Fetch


This is a basic trick that all dog owners hope their dog will be able to do. Lots of dogs love to chase after a ball and bring it back to their owners but some dogs are simply not interested.



  • Basic obedience commands


Basic obedience commands include, sit, stay, lay down, paw, touch, stay and roll over.



  • Quiet


Quiet is an extremely useful command for dogs that like to bark. If you can teach them ‘quiet’ then you might be able to stop them being so noisy.



  • Toilet training


All owners work hard to get their dog toilet trained so they don’t have any accidents around the home. Most puppies get this no problem but for some dogs it’s a bit more of a challenge.


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