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Top 10 Priorities For Dogs

A lot of the time us humans assume dogs are thinking about far more complex things than they really are. In reality, dogs are probably thinking about one of the priorities listed below. Most dogs lead fairly simple lives and they only need a few basic things to keep them happy. Here are 10 priorities that dogs are most likely thinking about on a daily basis.

  1. Eat

Eating is naturally going to be very high on a dog’s list of priorities. Most dogs love food and a highlight of their day is being fed their daily meals.

  1.  Sleep

Dogs need to have the occasional snooze to conserve their energy and rest. Some dogs like to nap more than others but most dogs will want to grab a kip at some point in the day.

  1. Go on walkies

Dogs live for their daily walk when they get to go out and explore the world. They get to exercise, burn off energy and meet other dogs. Some dogs will even follow their owner around the house until they take them out for a walk. Dog walks are a huge pleasure for your dog it’s important they get a decent walk every day.

  1. Play

Not all dogs like to play, but for some, it’s the highlight of their day. Whether it’s playing with toys, other dogs or having fun with their owner. Dogs get a huge amount of benefit from play as it gives them both mental and physical stimulation.

  1. Get love from humans

Dogs are social animals that are very loyal to their owners. Lots of dogs like nothing more than a stroke and a cuddle from their owner. The affection we give provides them with love and happiness.

  1.   Sniffing

Some breeds like to sniff much more than others because they were bred to be scent dogs. However, most dogs like to get outside and have a good sniff around every once in a while. Their sense of smell is a big part of how they interpret the world so it’s naturally a huge priority for them.

  1. Scent marking

This is a particularly important priority for male dogs, although female dogs do it too. One of the first things dogs will do on a dog walk is mark their scent, some will do it continuously.

  1. Meet other dogs

It’s important for dogs to socialise with their canine companions. A select few dogs don’t get on with other dogs but in general most dogs will want to spend some time with their canine buddies.

  1. Go to the toilet

Naturally, going to the toilet is high on the list of a dog’s priorities. They learn not to have accidents inside the house and to wait for their opportunity to relieve themselves.

  1. Stay healthy

Dogs probably don’t consciously think about staying healthy, but they do have natural instincts that help them to look after themselves. For example, dogs instinctively know to lick their wounds because it keeps them clean. Owners are mostly responsible for keeping their dog healthy and in good condition.


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