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Top 10 Hazards For Pets At Christmas Time

Christmas is a wonderful time for us humans, but sometimes we are so caught up in the festivities we forget about the dangers to our pets. There are lots of hazards that can cause major issues for our pets. Pets such as cats and dogs are normally in the house and even involved in some of the festivities, so they are more at risk.

It’s important to be aware of the things that can harm your pets and keep them well away from them. Don’t leave things lying around and take extra precautions to keep things out of reach. Here are ten hazards for pets at Christmas time.



  • Chocolate


Chocolate is extremely poisonous to dogs. The higher the percentage the worse it is, dark chocolate causes the most problems. We all eat a lot of chocolate and often receive it as gifts at Christmas time. Keep chocolate away from dogs and pets throughout the festive season.



  • Tinsel


Tinsel is very dangerous for pets for a number of reasons. Firstly, they can get tangled up in it and even strangle themselves. Secondly, they may be tempted to eat it. Swallowing tinsel can cause major digestive issues and it can even get stuck in their stomach. If they try and eat it they may choke on it. Take care when using tinsel on your tree and around your home in December.



  • Fairy lights


Fairy lights present the same dangers as tinsel but there is also a chance of your pet getting electrocuted. Don’t let them anywhere near fairy lights and they may be tempted to chew on them. The glass in the lights can also cut your pet and cause serious issues if they swallow it. Keep all pets away from fairy lights.



  • Overeating


This may not seem like a serious problem but it is a big concern for pets. It’s so easy to overfeed pets over the festive season thinking we are spoiling them and making them happy. Don’t change their diet, stick to what you normally feed them. A lot of the foods we eat over Christmas are full of fat and your pet will pile on the pounds in no time. Obesity is a big concern for pets as it causes debilitating health and joint problems.



  • Alcohol


Alcohol is very toxic to dogs. It can cause nausea, vomiting, loss of coordination, disorientation, cardiac arrest, seizures and sometimes even death. Keep an eye on your pets when you are drinking alcohol to make sure they don’t try and steal any. Also be aware of foods that contain alcohol such as alcoholic chocolates.



  • Christmas tree decorations


All those fascinating decorations you put on your tree can be very intriguing to pets. They are in fun shapes and sizes and look like the perfect toys to play with, they are not. Christmas tree decorations are not made for pets and contain harmful things that your pet could swallow. Make sure your decorations are high enough and kept out of reach.



  • Cooked meat bones


Take care when throwing away cooked meat. Your pet could try and get into the bins and eat the bones. Cooked bones can be very dangerous to pets as they can splinter and get stuck in their stomach. Dispose of all meat safely where your pet can’t get to it. You may want to invest in a special rubbish bin that your pet can’t get into.



  • Raisins and grapes


Both grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs. Raisins are also in lots of different foods that we eat such as mince pies and Christmas pudding, so avoid giving your dog anything that might contain raisins. Raisins can cause kidney failure in some dogs.



  • Christmas tree


Believe it or not, your Christmas tree is also a hazard to your pets. Make sure it is placed in a safe place in the home and is securely properly. The last thing you want is for your Christmas tree to fall on top of your pet, some of the larger trees can be extremely heavy. If you have a natural tree you also need to be careful with the needles as they can get stuck in your pets feet and fur. If swallowed they can cause severe stomach issues. The water used to keep a Christmas tree nourished can also cause issues if your pet tried to drink it.



  • Mistletoe and holly


Mistletoe and holly are also poisonous for pets. Holly can cause severe gastrointestinal upset  and mistletoe can cause mild gastrointestinal irritation. Other plants that are dangerous include lilies and daffodils.


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