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Top 10 Cutest Things That Dogs Do

If you are a dog owner there are probably some ridiculously cute things that your dog does. Dogs can be very adorable sometimes, even when they have been naughty it can be difficult to resist their charms. There are endless videos and pictures on the internet that showcase just how cute dogs can be. Here are the top 10 cutest things that dogs do. If you think we have missed any off the list feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section below.


  • Fall asleep in funny positions


Dogs fall asleep in the weirdest positions, most of the time they look adorable.


  • The head tilt


Oh how can you resist the classic head tilt? When you speak or they hear something dogs tilt their head to each side and it melts your heart.


  • Puppy dog eyes


A dog’s ultimate weapon, a tool they use to get what they want and we fall for it every time.


  • Howling, whimpering and ‘talking’


Seen the ridiculously cute video of the bulldog puppy learning to howl?

  • Playing with their


Get your dog some brand new toys and he cuteness will begin.


  • Give you ‘kisses’


Us humans know dogs shouldn’t really ‘kiss’ us on the face for hygiene reasons yet we still let them do it, simply because it’s cute.


  • Make friends with other animals

This video by Android sums up just how cute dogs can be when they meet other animals.


  • Stick their heads out of car windows


Another thing we shouldn't really let them do for safety reasons. When you see a dog hanging out a car window with their ears flapping it always makes you smile. This phenomenon is perfectly demonstrated in the Volkswagen Woofwagen commercial:


  • Playing with other dogs


It’s easy to stand around for hours watching your dog play with other dogs, especially when an adorable puppy turns up and they play nicely together.


  • Wagging their tails


A simple yet very effective cuteness tactic. When you come home and your dog goes crazy wagging their tail it instantly cheers you up.



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