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Top 10 Animal TV Shows

1.  Animals of Farthing Wood

This fictional story about a group of woodland animals was originally a book by Colin Dann. The animals leave their home called “Farthing Wood” after it is destroyed by people and then travel to a nature reserve called the “White Deer Park” to make a new home


2. Lassie

This show charted the escapades of a female Rough Collie and her friends, both human and animal. The show was created by producer Robert Maxwell and Rudd Weatherwax who in real life was a professional animal trainer. The majority of Lassie’s adventures take place in a small farming community in America.

3.  Flipper

This show followed Flipper, a bottle nose dolphin, and his adventures with his friend, Porter Ricks, who is the Chief Warden at Coral Key Park and Marine reserve; a fictional place in south Florida. Flipper was mainly played by two female dolphins named Susie and Kathy.

4.  Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

Created by John McCallum, this TV series tells the tale of a young boy called Sonny and his Kangaroo friend, Skippy, based in the fictional Waratah National Park near Sydney.
Interestingly, the clicking noises made by Skippy in the show as a form of chatter are actually just sound effects and between 9 and 15 kangaroos were used to play Skippy per show.

5. The Littlest Hobo

An intelligent Sarloos wolfdog called London is the main character of this TV series. He goes to a different place in each episode helping those who need him. Each time he befriends someone and solves a problem the person is currently dealing with. At the end of each episode, he declines to become his new friend’s pet and continues his journey travelling onto his next adventure.

6. Wishbone

Featuring a talking dog who goes by the name of Wishbone, this heroin lives with his owner Joe Talbot in Texas. The show follows Wishbone’s day dreams where he becomes the lead role in adventures parallel to that of storylines seen in classic literature. Wishbone is played by a male Jack Russell called “Soccer” and voiced by Larry Brantley.

7.  The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin

Based on a real life dog, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin feature fun packed episodes situated around a little orphaned boy called Rusty who gets into many dangerous situations. Thankfully however, his faithful German Shepherd, Rin Tin Tin, is always there to save the day by getting help or remedying the situation himself. Rusty and Rin Tin Tin also help the soldiers at a US cavalry post after they raised Rusty.

8. Gentle Ben

Based on a novel by Walt Morey, this show documents the friendship between a young boy called Mark Wedloe and a huge American black bear that he has tamed called Ben. It is a mixture of excitement and adventure as Ben and Mark explore the hidden dangers of the world.

9. Woof!

Woof tells the story of a young schoolboy called Eric who has the incredible power to turn himself into a dog. The only person who knows about his power is his best friend who has to try and hide the secret from Eric’s parents and teachers. The children and dogs change over the years with teacher, Miss Jessop, being the only member of cast to remain in all nine seasons.

10. Babar

A Canadian/French/Japanese show featuring animated elephants and the story of King Babar as he tells the story of his life to his children. A young Babar gets into adventures and faces many challenges in each tale. Like any great king, he always manages to meet the problems head on and find the bright side to all the situations he faces.
What was your favourite animal TV show when you were younger? Leave them in the comments below!


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