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Tips on caring for a new Puppy (part 1)

Bringing your new puppy home for the first time

The task of caring for your puppy starts as soon as you get him home. The experience of moving to a new environment and different surroundings can confuse and startle your new puppy. So you have to make sure he feels as welcome as possible. As is expected, the rest of the family will probably want to meet the new arrival; however it is a good idea to make sure he doesn't feel uncomfortable or threatened, so it is best not to crowd around him, as he may feel intimidated.

Furthermore it is prudent to remember that he will probably be tired and very nervous; therefore it is a good idea to be extra vigilant around a new puppy. Always make sure children are gentle and don't frighten the new puppy. During the first few weeks he may have a few accidents and slip ups. It is important not to reprimand him if he has been naughty as he will be adapting to his new environment. The early years of a puppy's life are vitally important in terms of development.

During the first few days of bringing the puppy home, it is usually suggested that you don't let him meet other animals or pets. This again may startle or frighten him. When your new puppy does finally meet other pets, supervision is always suggested.


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