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Tips For Moving Home With A Dog


Moving house is one of the most stressful things humans can do. Unfortunately some dogs can also get very anxious when they are uprooted and taken to a new home. If a dog has been settled in their home for a few years before moving they may find the change difficult. They get used to the smells and territory that they live on and become comfortable in their home environment.

Don't despair, dogs are very adaptable and can often easily settle into their new home. You just need to be aware that moving is very unsettling for them too. There are a few things you can do to make the move easier for your dog.


Have a friend look after them while you move

Dogs tend to get a little anxious the moment they see suitcases and things being moved. They get confused and often associate packing with their owners going away. One way to help your dog is to take them to stay with a friend or family member or put them in daycare while you organise everything. Being around when the removal company turns up and everything is taken out of your house could cause them a fair amount of stress.


Don't change their routine too much during the move

Before you move try not to make any drastic changes to your dog's routine as this could add to their stress. Try to keep everything the same and when you move to your new house do your best to keep their normal routine, although this sometimes isn't possible.


Look out for signs of stress

If you see your dog is getting very stressed during the move then you may want to do something to help them, or remove them from the situation. Look out for signs of stress such as excessive lip licking, barking and panting.


Take things that remind them of home

Remember to bring all the things that remind them of home with you. Being around things that smell like their old home can really help your dog to feel more safe and relaxed. Bring their , , blanket, and put them in your new home before your dog turns up.


Don't get too stressed around your dog

We can all get very stressed when moving house, it's inevitable. However, where possible try not to show that you are stressed in front of your dog as they can sense how you are feeling. Avoid arguing or having confrontations around them. If you are feeling particularity stressed then put your dog in another part of the house or have someone look after them for a few hours.


Try not to fuss over your dog

During the move, try not to fuss over your dog too much. This will only make them think that something is up. You need to stay strong and behave as your normally would around your dog so that they don't notice a change.


Give them time to settle in before leaving them alone in your new home

One mistake that people often make is leaving their dog home alone too soon after moving. Give them a bit of time to settle before you leave them in an unfamiliar environment on their own. Start by leaving them for short periods of time and then you can increase the time you leave them for gradually.


Don't overwhelm them with new people

When you move there will be a few new faces around that your dog will need to meet. Don't overwhelm them by introducing them to lots of new people all at once. Slowly introduce them to neighbours and people they are likely to come into contact with.


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