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Tips For Keeping Your Cats Coat In Good Condition

If you want to keep your cat’s coat in good condition then there are a few things you need to do. They should naturally keep their coat looking fairly good because cats are very clean and enjoy grooming themselves. However, you can give them a helpful hand by helping to maintain their coat and keeping them healthy. Some breeds of cat do require regular , especially cats with longer coats. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your cat’s coat in tip top condition.


Brush regularly

Make sure you brush your cat’s coat regularly. This is important for keeping their coat in good condition and also for preventing matting. If your cat’s coat gets very matted it will make them extremely uncomfortable. If you want their coat to look nice then regular brushing is a must. Take a look at our cat brushes


Keep them at a healthy weight

Try and keep your cat at a healthy weight. If they are underweight their will look malnourished and their coat could get very dull. If they are overweight then they will find it more difficult to groom themselves and get to hard to reach areas.


Don’t wash their coat too often

It’s OK to wash your cat with cat friendly shampoo when it gets a little dirty, but try not to do it too often. If you wash their coat too often it can lose some of its natural oils.


Feed them a healthy diet

Your cat’s diet can have a big impact on how their coat looks. Make sure you feed them a quality, high protein diet that contains all the nutrients they need. to browse our range of cat food.


Keep them parasite free

If your cat gets fleas or other parasites this will definitely have an impact on their coat. If they are constantly scratching they will pull away fur and their skin will become irritated. Give them regular flea treatments and keep an eye out for any unwanted parasites.


Oily fish

Oily fish is excellent for cat’s coats. This is because it contains Omega 3, which will help to make their coat nice and shiny. However make sure you only give them fish in moderation and as part of a healthy balanced diet.


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