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Tips For Buying A Dog

Buying a dog may not be as simple as you might think. You need to do a lot of research in order to find the right breed and breeder. There are also a lot of questions you should ask dog breeders to ensure they are reputable and legitimate.


Before you decide on getting a puppy, make sure you consider getting a rescue dog. There are many rescue dogs in need of homes, some of which are puppies and young dogs of all different breeds. If you are set on getting a puppy then here are some things you should know.


See the puppy with its mother and litter

It’s crucial that you see the puppy with its mother and litter. It’s also advisable to see both parents. This enables you to determine the health and breed of the parents.


Have a look at all the puppies

Don’t just go and see the puppy you are interested in. You should consider all of the puppies to make sure you choose the puppy that is the best fit. It’s also important to see how your chosen puppy interacts with the rest of the litter.


Health checks

All of the puppies should have had a health check and you should ask to see their health documents. You want to make sure you take home a pup that has a clean bill of health. Get your new puppy checked by a vet within 48 hours of taking them home.



Make sure you ask for a contract of sale and all the necessary paperwork. The Kennel Club runs an if the breeder is accredited they should have evidence of this.


Training advice

The breeder should give you some training advice. Normally they will give you a booklet with all the information you need and will be available to contact should you need to ask any questions.



Check that your new puppy has had all their vaccinations. Ask the breeder what vaccinations you will need to get in the near future.


Check the pup is old enough to leave its mum

Puppies should be at least seven to eight weeks old when they leave their mum.


How many litters has the mum had?

Ask the breeder how many litters the mum has had. It is illegal for a bitch to have more than six litters during her life. If they have had more than this then walk away.


Check the puppy looks healthy

How do the pups look? Do they seem healthy? Are they living in good conditions? Check their eyes, mouth, ears and bottom for any signs of ill health.


How have the puppies been socialised?

Ask the breeder how the puppies have been socialised and what things they have been introduced to. Puppies who have been sheltered from the world will struggle to cope as pets.


Ask for health certificates for the parents

It’s worth getting the health certificates for both parents. Puppies can inherit certain health conditions so you should check the parents have a clean bill of health.


If you are unsure or concerned WALK AWAY. Too many people fall for the cuteness of puppies that are illegally bred or not suitable. You may think you are helping a puppy by rescuing it from poor conditions, but you are only making the problem worse. You are funding irresponsible breeders and they will only continue to make more puppies suffer. Be strong, walk away and report them to the RSPCA.
and stock up on some toys, treats and equipment for your new pup.


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