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Threatening And Fearful Body Language In Dogs

All dogs are different and behave in different ways. When it comes to reading your dog’s body language you need to get to know their specific traits. You will be the best person to tell what state of mind your dog is in. It can also be helpful to know a little bit about canine body language so that you can learn to read other dogs too. There are general behaviour patterns that you can recognise. However, it’s important to remember that all dogs are different, and it’s not wise to approach dogs you don’t know.

What does a relaxed dog look like?

It’s also important to understand when a dog is relaxed and approachable. These dogs will have a relaxed tail that is down but not tucked between their legs, or they may be wagging it gently.  They will have a loose, relaxed stance with their ears relaxed or up but not down. Their mouth might be slightly open but it is not tense. Their whole body will be held in a natural position which shows they are clearly at ease.


Fearful Aggressive

If a dog is fearful aggressive it’s body will be lowered and it’s tail will be tucked between it’s legs. Fearful aggressive dogs look similar to fearful dogs except they might growl, show their teether and lunge. Their heckles may be raised and their lips might be slightly curled. Their ears will be well back showing how uncomfortable they are. Their pupils will be dilated and you will be able to see that they are not happy. Their nose could be wrinkled and you might be able to see their teeth depending on how the situation develops. Fearful dogs are potentially very dangerous, because they can be very unpredictable. They may not always attack if they are not provoked or cornered.


Dominant Aggressive

Dominant aggressive dogs look completely different to fearful aggressive dogs. Dominant aggressive dogs are confident and feel the need to express social dominance over others. Their body will be planted firmly on the ground with stiff legs and they will be leaning forward. Their heckles will most likely be raised and they will be showing their teeth. Their nose will be wrinkled and they may have wrinkles on other parts of their face such as their forehead. Their lips will be curled and you will probably be able to see their teeth and gums. They will have their ears forward and be staring directly at the threat.


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