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Things You Should Know Before Taking Your Dog To Daycare

Thinking about taking your dog to daycare? There are a few things you need to know and prepare for so that your dog has an enjoyable time. Daycare is an excellent option for dog owners that can’t always be at home.

Take your dog to daycare instead of leaving on their own for hours on end. Dogs shouldn’t be left on their own for longer than three or four hours and daycare is an excellent way of preventing this. Lots of daycare centres have popped up around the country, it’s becoming a very popular option for busy dog owners. Here are some things you need to know.


They might get dirty

Some daycare centres allow dogs to run around and play in a big muddy field. Therefore you need to be prepared for your dog to get a little bit dirty. Some daycare centres will give your dog a wash before sending them home if they get really dirty.


They will be mixing with other dogs

Daycare is not like kennels, your dog will mix and interact with other dogs. If your dog isn’t very good with other dogs or shows any signs of aggression they will not be accepted into daycare. You will need to find a specialist place where you know they will be kept apart from other dogs. Most daycare centres will test your dog with a few well socialised dogs to check they are friendly before allowing them to mix with all the other dogs.


They may be given treats/food

The daycare centre should ask you if your dog has any allergies, however it is best to let them know anyway. If your dog is allergic to a specific food, on a or has a food intolerance then tell the daycare centre. Otherwise they may give them treats or food without knowing. You can then give them special food for your dog.


A few hours at daycare will tire them out

Dogs that spend a full day in daycare will be extremely tired when they get home. They will be running around and interacting with lots of other dogs which will help them to burn a lot of energy. Be prepared for a very tired doggy when you pick them up.


They might need a coat

You may want to get your dog a to help keep them warm and protect them from the elements at daycare. If they wear a coat they might not get as dirty as most of their body will be covered. This makes them easier to wash when they get home.


Your dog may take time to settle into daycare

Be patient, daycare might seem light a very strange place for your dog at first. It’s a completely new environment with lots of new faces. Your dog should settle into a routine at daycare in time. However, if they are obviously getting too stressed then it might not be a suitable option for your dog.


Your dog has to be friendly

If your dog is not very friendly towards humans then daycare is definitely not the best place for them. Seek advice from a behaviourist and look after your dog at home.


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