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Things We Don’t Realise Dogs Pick Up On

Have you notice your dog seems to read your mood and react to your behaviour? Dogs really do sense how we are feeling and the signals we are giving off. Dogs have evolved to become very good at reading humans through the years. They notice even the smallest movements and seem to know when something is not right. Here are some of the things we might not realise that dogs pick up on.


Dogs can pick up on our mood and how we are feeling. If you are feeling down or angry then they will definitely notice. The next time you feel your mood changing observe your dog for a moment and see if their behaviour changes.

Facial Expressions & Body Language

Dogs are excellent at reading facial expressions and body language. If you roll your eyes or frown they might see this as a signal for something. Some dogs will even copy humans when they yawn! They learn our routines, such as when we are about to leave the house for work. From the doors that we open to the clothes we put on and the expressions we make, they will be able to tell when you are going to leave the house before you do.

Nervous Energy

If you are feeling nervous then your dog will definitely feel a little anxious too. Some owners who are nervous around other dogs, or get worried when their dog approaches other dogs can escalate the situation with their nervous energy. Try to be as calm as possible in these situations and your dog will be more relaxed too.


If there is tension in your house or you are having a heated argument around your dog they will be aware that something is wrong. Some dogs can cope with this and may not react, but others will become visibly stressed, barking or looking for somewhere to escape to. If possible, try not to have your dog around when things get tense.


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