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Things To Do With Your Dog Inside

As the weather gets colder it’s handy to know a few games to play with your dog indoors. Your dog will still need their daily walks but instead of playing in the garden you might prefer to bring your dog inside. You can still give your dog mental and physical stimulation by doing some indoor activities. Even if you have a limited space to use you will still be able to do some of the suggestions below. Use your time indoors wisely and take the opportunity to spend some quality time with your dog, which will improve your bond and help with training. Here are some things to do with your dog inside throughout the winter.

 1. Kong Toy

Kong toys can provide hours of indoor fun for dogs. All you need to do is get a kong toy and fill it with some tasty treats. Then your dog can enjoy trying to get the treats out by rolling the kong around. Choose one of our Kong toys here

 2. Tug Of War

Does your dog love tug of war? It’s a great game to play in doors when your dog needs to burn a little energy. There are so many different types of tug of war to choose from, here is our selection

 3. Obedience

If the weather is too bad to head outside then you can always take the opportunity to squeeze in some obedience training. Obedience training can easily be done inside, all you need is a bit of space in your lounge to get started. Go through all the commands you have taught your dog and work on teaching them some new tricks.

 4. Hide The Toy/Treat

This is an excellent indoor game to play and dogs really enjoy it. It’s easy to pass a few hours with your dog playing hide the toy or treat. Put them outside the room while you hide their favourite toy or a yummy treat somewhere in the room. Then invite them in to come and find it. As they get better at it start hiding things in more difficult places.

 5. Brain Games

There are hundreds of brain games you can play with dogs. These are fun games that get their minds working and provide them with some mental stimulation, such as find the cup with the treat, put your toys in your bed and retrieval games. Some dog breeds such as Collies require more mental stimulation and so brain games are really beneficial.

 6. Fetch

Fetch is predominantly an outdoor activity but it can also be played inside if you have enough space. You can get your dog to fetch a variety of different toys in your lounge at home. You don’t have to throw them very far, just more often.

 7. Hide And Seek

You can play hide and seek with your dog around your home. Get someone to hold your dog while you go and hide somewhere in your home. Then when you are in position let your dog come and find you. It’s a great bonding experience and fun for both of you.

 8. Up And Down Stairs

Go to the top of your stairs with a treat and get your dog to run up the stairs to come and get the treat. Then make them wait while you go back downstairs and do the same. This can help with recall and if you do it a few times it might just tire your dog out.

9. Indoor Obstacle Course

Try setting up a mini obstacle course indoors if you have enough space to do it. Put together a few mini obstacles and help guide your dog through them. You can use things like cones, hoops and toys to keep them entertained.

10. Naming Toys

It is possible to teach your dog to recognise particular toys by name. Give two or three different toys simple names. Say the toys name and get your dog to fetch that toy, every time they do give them a treat or praise. Then do the same with another toy using a different name. Keep doing this and then put the two toys on the floor together. Ask your dog to fetch one toy using it’s name, when they go to the correct toy reward them. With a bit of practice they should get the hang of it.


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