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Things That Stop People From Getting A Dog

Many people have a strong desire to get a dog, but unfortunately it isn’t always possible. You have to think about a dog’s needs before your own, and get a dog when you know you will be able to look after them properly. There is no point ignoring something that will be a big issue if you get a dog.

Some people get dogs without fully thinking things through and considering their lifestyle properly. You should only get a dog when you are ready and can give them the care and attention they need. Here are five common reasons why some people can’t get a dog:


  • Space


Dogs need a fair amount of space to run around in. You shouldn’t get a dog if you don’t have a garden for them to enjoy. Some people just don’t have enough space to accommodate a dog and have to wait until they move somewhere bigger with an outside space.


  • Time


Training a dog properly takes up a lot of time. Dogs also like to spend time with their owners, so if you can’t give your dog enough time they may become very unhappy. It also takes time to feed them, walk them, take the to the vets and continue their ongoing training.


  • Money


Unfortunately owning a dog isn’t cheap. There are quite a few things you have to pay for. Some people don’t realise just how much a dog costs until they get one. You have to pay for their insurance, food, vet bills, vaccinations, toys and accessories such as leads, collars and beds. Many people don’t get a dog because they know they probably can’t afford one.


  • Commitment


Another main reason why some people don’t get a dog is because it is such a huge commitment. Some dogs can live over 20 years, which is a significant amount of time to be responsible for an animal. Dogs have to be cared for every day and can’t be left on their own too much. Some people who want a flexible lifestyle opt not to get a dog so that they can be free to travel and do what they want.


  • Situation


Some life events and situations prevent many people from getting a dog. For example, couples with very young children won’t be able to get a dog until they are older. People who have to move house a lot are often hesitant to get a dog because it’s not fair to uproot them all the time. You need to consider your situation carefully if you want to get a dog.


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