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Things That Influence Our Choice Of Dog Breed

If you are thinking of getting a dog then you probably have a few dog breeds in mind. Or maybe there is one specific breed that you really want. Take a moment to think about what has influenced your decision.

Outside influences can often shape our opinions of dog breeds. This can lead to some people choosing a breed they think they want, but isn’t particularly well suited to their circumstances. Before you decide, have a look at some of the things that influence our choice of dog breed.

News Stories

Some breeds get an unfair reputation in the media, others are pitched as designer dogs and become extremely popular. News articles can have a strong influence on people’s choice of dog breeds.


Celebrities have a huge impact on the popularity of certain dog breeds. If the celebrity of the moment gets a new dog then suddenly everyone wants to get the same breed. If a few different celebrities are spotted with the same breed then their popularity goes through the roof. Lots of people end up getting a dog because it is popular, even if it is not suitable for them.

Childhood dogs

We all have a soft spot for the breeds that we grow up with. They remind us of our fondest family memories and leave a lasting impression on us. A lot of people end up get the same breed that they grew up with. This is fine as long as they are still the right dog for you and your circumstances haven’t changed.

Friends and family

A lot of the dogs we meet are family and friends dogs. This is bound to have an influence on the types of dogs we are exposed to. If your friend has a particular dog that you meet and really like then you might end up getting one too. When people are considering what breed of dog to get they will often ask their friends and family for recommendations. Again, just make sure the breed has the right characteristics and temperament for your situation.

Dog shows

Dog shows such as Crufts can launch certain breeds into super stardom. The breed of dog that takes home first prize at Crufts each year will often become hugely popular. Suddenly there is a huge demand for puppies.

This shouldn’t influence your choice too much. One of the best ways to find out what breed of dog might be best suited to your family is to attend dog shows and events. At shows such as ‘Discover Dogs’ you can go and meet all the different breeds and ask their owners questions.

Cost of ownership

Larger dog breeds can cost a lot more to keep than smaller breeds. can cost more for larger dogs when compared to smaller breeds. Furthermore,  some breeds can develop more health problems as they get older, which can increase the cost of healthcare.


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