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Things That Happen When You Go To The Dog Park

If you go to the same dog park nearly every day then you will start to notice that the same things happen every time you visit. It’s not a good idea to take your dog to the same park every day as they can become territorial.

It’s also nice to mix their walks up and take them somewhere different to explore once in a while. All dog owners will be very familiar with things that regularly happen in dog parks. Here are some things you might experience when you go to your local dog park:

  • You meet other dog owners
  • You come across lots of different dogs
  • Dogs play together
  • People give their opinions
  • Fights can break out
  • Badly behaved dogs wreak havoc
  • There’s lots of butt sniffing
  • There are some show off dogs and owners
  • Dogs jump on you
  • When you want to go your dog refuses to leave
  • People don’t pick up after their dog and you turn into the poo police
  • Play can sometimes get too aggressive
  • Dogs accidentally run into humans
  • You tread in dog poo and get really angry
  • There are some reckless owners who let their dogs do what they want
  • There’s always a small dog that owns the park and is a little bit grouchy
  • Overprotective owners stress when any dog goes up to their beloved pooch
  • All the dogs in the park roll in the same bit of fox poo
  • Owners stand there chatting about dog issues they can all relate to
  • Owners brag about how cute/attractive/adorable their dog is
  • You hear the life story about all the rescue dogs in the park
  • Owners talk about ‘problem’ dogs when their owner isn’t there
  • Everyone goes crazy whenever someone brings a cute puppy into the park
  • Some people try to sell dog services such as daycare, walking and behaviour classes during their visit to the dog park
  • Owners disagree over behavioural theories and issues all the time. It gets awkward.
  • Someone throws a stick/ball/frisbee and 20 dogs chase after it.


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