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Things That Dog Owners Would Never Admit To

There are some things that dog owners do without realising, and often they can be quite strange. Dogs are extremely special to their owners, and sometimes we let them do things we really shouldn’t. It’s easy for people who have owned dogs for a long time to get into some unusual habits. Have you done any of the following things?


  1. Admitted to yourself that sometimes you prefer spending time with dogs rather than people
  1. Fussing over your dog so much that your partner gets annoyed/jealous that you are giving the dog more attention.
  1. When no one is around constantly talking to your dog.
  1. Sharing your dinner with your dog.
  1. Spending an hour trying to get a good selfie with your dog.
  1. Let your dog lick your face.
  1. Almost vomiting when the dog poo bag split, it was one of the worst experiences of your life.
  1. Can’t stop boring people by constantly talking about your dog.
  1. Accepting the fact that your dog has become a replacement vacuum cleaner.
  1. Passing wind and blaming the dog.
  1. Spending more money buying your dog toys, outfits and luxurious products than on yourself.
  1. Crying with happiness when a dog gets rehomed on Paul O'grady's ‘For The Love of Dogs.’
  1. Shouting at your dog when they don’t poo on demand.
  1. Setting your dog up on a date with your friend’s dog, talking about how stunning their puppies would be.
  1. Pretending you like someone’s dog when actually it’s the ugliest thing you have ever seen.
  1. Running out of poo bags and resorting to using supermarket plastic bags (which normally have holes in, it’s a risk but you have no other option).
  1. Getting your partner to put the dog on the phone and believing your dog can understand you.
  1. Telling a stranger that knocks on your door that your dog is ferocious and extremely protective when in reality they wouldn’t hurt a fly.
  1. Trying not to storm off at a dog show when your dog is not crowned ‘cutest dog ever’. Those judges have no idea what they are talking about…
  1. Getting annoyed when you upload a ridiculously cute picture of your dog on Facebook and it only gets two likes


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