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There’s A Llama on the Golf Course!

Golfers in the United States are used to seeing a variety of animals during their rounds. With many courses being adjacent to waterways, forests and swamps, the local wildlife does tend to find its way onto the fairways and greens. raccoons, snakes and even alligators can be common sights but perhaps not llamas!

Surprise Visitor

Recently golfers in Jackson, New Hampshire were surprised to find a llama on the sixth hole of their nine-hole course, Eagle Mountain. Many players allegedly complained that the llama shouldn’t have been there because it hadn’t booked a tee time! It transpired that the llama was a pet. It had escaped from its enclosure and for the most extraordinary of reasons.

Protecting Ducks

Noir, who is owned by local resident Russ Miller, is rather fond of a flock of ducks and always watches over them. The ducks are regularly pursued by bears who like to eat both the birds and their eggs. In order to protect the ducks, Noir chases the bears away!

Bears on the Prowl

On the day in question, Noir had spotted a bear and then jumped the electric fence surrounding his paddock to chase it off. Poor Noir ended up on the golf course 3 miles away from his home! Police were called and Noir was captured, although, apparently, catching a llama is far from easy. They are rather stubborn creatures! This was the second occasion on which Noir had ended up on the course.

Russ Miller is now working to raise the height of Noir’s electric fence. He has also asked for help with the bear problem. An expert biologist is attempting to mitigate the issue. Meanwhile the local chief of police has stated that he has bonded with Noir!

Llamas as Pets

Llamas are growing in popularity as pets due to their friendly disposition, mild manners and cleanliness. They are sociable too and are best kept in pairs or groups so they have some company. Perhaps that is Noir’s problem. In the absence of other llamas, he has adopted the ducks! Llamas are clearly good jumpers and require a secure enclosure, plenty of space and the correct diet in order to thrive.

These rather adorable animals have a reputation for spitting but it is quite rare for them to spit at people. Llamas who have become overly socialised with humans as young animals may spit as adults because they tend to start seeing people as part of their herd and to treat them like other llamas! They spit to discipline other llamas in order to establish their place in the herd’s hierarchy.

Llamas also tend to be very protective and so Noir’s behaviour isn’t as unusual as you might think.



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