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The World's Best Pet Video Ever: Vote Now!

Calling all animal lovers, the team here at GJW Titmuss need your help!

In this post we’re aiming to determine the world’s best pet video.

Like us, you may think this is a tricky task when there are so many funny, amazing, stupid and silly pet themed videos out there on the web.

So, to make it a little easier for you, we’ve come up with some of the most popular and most watched videos for you to choose from.

Take a look at these classics and don’t forget to cast your vote at the bottom of this post.

You Shall Not Pass, Dog

First up is the ongoing battle between the nation’s favourite pets – cats vs. dogs.

In this video, a whole range of dogs, from Boxers, Jack Russells, and German Shepherds get a little bit frightened when walking past the cats of the house.

Even when they are being coaxed by their owners to come down the stairs or along the hallway, past the curious cat, they still hesitate or turn back around.

Eventually after a little more persuasion, nearly all of the dogs make the brave move past. Whilst some appear unscathed, others receive a few scratches on the way!

Take a look at these scared dogs in the following video:


Ultimate Dog Tease

This video went viral and has currently received over 159 million views to date. So what’s all the fuss about?

Well, the clever creator have managed to make it look as though the dog is talking back to his owner when he tells him about all of the food that he has eaten from the fridge.

To top it off, the owner even mentions that the cat has eaten some treats too, leaving the dog both hungry and upset.

Watch his brilliant and perfect on-time reactions in the video below.


Skateboarding Dog

Ever wanted to see a dog on a skateboard?

Well now you can!

Yes believe it when you see it, this bulldog has a rather unusual talent that could even give Tony Hawk a run for his money.

After a few push offs he manages to stand comfortably on the board, balance, and even make a few turns too.

This brave bulldog can certainly draw in a good crowd of people and it comes as no surprise.

Watch his smooth skills below:


Cats Knocking Things Over

A popular series of videos have emerged on the Internet which feature cats knocking over things. Sounds like a simple concept, but the clips and compilations are hilarious.

In the one we’ve featured, which is relatively new, it’s the mannerisms of each of the cats that are difficult not to laugh at.

It looks as though most of these cool cats just want to create their own space and not have to sit with any items around them. Apparently, the way to achieve this is to knock over all of these objects to get rid of them.

Take a look at this brilliant compilation:


Waffles the Cat

We all love an epic fail and in this video it’s time for Waffles the cat to make a fool of himself.

Sitting on top of a van on a snowy day, this hesitant cat prepares to jump onto the top of the garage ledge opposite.

After a few slips and stumbles, he sets himself up, only to mistime his jump and slide down the front of the van instead.

Waffles does reappear however and moves on swiftly, probably due to the shock of not making it to where he needed to be.

Watch his attempt below:


Stuart the Salsa Dancing Dog

You’ve seen a dog on a skateboard, but what about one that’s keen to do a bit of salsa? Yes as crazy as it sounds, here’s Stuart the salsa dancing dog shacking showing off his moves.

At times it’s funny and other times it’s almost too human-like, although it’s both hilarious and cute at the same time.

It’s equally as impressive how long Stuart manages to hold his dancing stance without falling over.

We think he’s a natural, what about you?


Mishka the Talking Husky

Last on our list is Mishka the talking husky, which has received over 91 million hits on YouTube.

With a bit of encouragement, the dog’s owners get Mishka to say “I love you” before she repeats it over and over and then howls.

Towards the end of the video it almost sounds like she is responding to her owners too.

It’s not hard to see why this video ended up going viral.

Hear the talking Husky for yourself:


Vote For Your Favourite

Now that you’ve seen all of these great pet videos, it’s over to you to pick your favourite and cast your vote below.

If you think that we’ve missed any clips out of the list then please let us know in the comments section at the end of this post.

Thanks for reading - we hope you enjoyed watching the videos as much as we did!

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