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The Winning Breeds At Crufts

If you watched Crufts this year you will have seen the winners but you might not know much about some of the breeds. After crufts some more unusual breeds get exposure and the public become interested in some of the winners. If you liked one of the winning breeds this year then here is some information about their breed characteristics and temperament.


Hound - Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)

Basset Griffon Vendeens are affectionate and energetic dogs who have a cheery and inquisitive nature. They originate from France and were used to catch rabbits on rocky terrain. They are good at scenting and love to follow a scent and dig. The Basset Griffon is quite an unusual breed, but it took centre stage at Crufts this year as the overall winner of best in show. They are known to have charming personalities and they would make an excellent family pet. However they do have a tendency to run off and chase a scent, therefore they require a lot of recall training.

Gundog - Retriever (labrador)

Labradors are affectionate, intelligent and friendly dogs who make excellent pets. They are very good with people and really enjoy learning new things. They are very devoted dogs who usually adore their owner and are a friendly towards strangers. That’s why they are used for important jobs such as guide dogs and canine partners. Their coat is short and straight and they come in yellow, black and chocolate colours. Labradors were originally bred to retrieve game and they are extremely good swimmers.

Pastoral - Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are sheep herding dogs that are alert and very responsive. They need extensive physical and mental exercise to keep them happy, otherwise they can become destructive. They are very energetic and would suit an owner with a very active lifestyle. Australian shepherds are very confident dogs but they can sometimes be reserved with strangers.

Utility - Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan terriers are very popular show dogs as well as family pets. They have a very friendly and warm temperament. Despite their name, they are not like terriers at all when it comes to behaviour. They are more docile and they have a personality similar to an old english sheepdog. They are very loyal as they used to accompany shepherds in the mountains. Tibetan terriers do not like to be left alone and thrive on human company.

Terrier  - Skye Terrier

Skye terriers have a long, course and straight coat that looks stunning in the show arena. They are very tough dogs who are affectionate with their owners but they don’t really like strangers. They actually make good guard dogs as they are a fearless breed. These dogs were originally from the Isle of Skye, hence where they go their name from.

Working - Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese mountain dogs are very large dogs that originated from the Swiss Alps, where their main job was to pull carts to markets. Despite their large size they are very easy train to and make excellent pets. They have a good nature and they are very intelligent dogs. Bernese mountain dogs need a lot of grooming and they shed seasonally.

Toy - King Charles

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a very popular breed in the UK. They are very sweet natured dogs with a playful side. They can sometimes be a little shy but they are generally good with people and other pets. They need quite a lot of grooming because they have a long, silky coat. King Charles Spaniels were bred as lap dogs and loyal companions. They come in ruby blenheim, black and tan and tri colour.


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