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The Top Five Exotic Pets

Not all of us are content to give a home to an animal which is furry and friendly in equal measure. Though it may seem strange to some of us, for some individuals the scalier and freakier the creature the better! Having said that, many of these seemingly bizarre additions to the pet family have their own particular perks and it may be that you have never considered owning such a critter simply because you aren't in the know. So, with that in mind here is a brief list of the top five oddest animals that you too could provide with a home, should you be that way inclined.

There are of course numerous examples of people keeping pets that contradict laws but you don't need to run the risk of criminal prosecution in order to own an exotic beast. At number five is that old favourite, the snake. Fitting the mould of scaly and a  seemingly unfriendly animal, a snake can be a very rewarding pet in as much as they pretty much get on with their own lives, as long as you remember to feed them of course.

The only real drawback to owning such an animal however is their food. Those of you who suffer from a squeamish disposition should probably stick to gerbils. At number four are Chinchillas. Though these furry little beasts may look like a hamster designed by a committee, they can actually live twenty years with ease making them a long-term commitment.

At number three are the lizard family, in general. There are many options for a prospective lizard fancier as these little chaps come in a range of sizes and shapes. Not all are as friendly or indeed as unfriendly as the next so make sure that you allow yourselves some expert advice before committing to such an animal. Perhaps the funkiest of all these species however has to be the chameleon, for obvious reasons. The second oddest pet on our list is one which may have completely passed you by. Yes, people really do own slugs as pets! The African Velvet Slug is a popular choice as they are cheap to maintain, completely harmless and survive on fruit and vegetables; just think twice before giving one a cuddle.

Okay so there is really only one choice for the top spot, the spider. But out of all the possible species, the Camel Spider tops our list for numerous reasons. Though they are not venomous, a camel spider can pack a very painful bite and are known to be hugely aggressive and yet people do keep these creatures as pets! Safe to say that walking one in the park will also result in some very funny looks being thrown your way.


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