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The Real Cost of Pet Ownership

The Real Cost of Pet Ownership


There is much to consider if you are thinking of welcoming a pet into your home. All animals will make significant demands on your time and may impact your life in a variety of ways. Animals can be noisy, messy, disruptive and destructive. They can also be very expensive!

Even Small Pets Can Be Expensive


Before taking on any animal you must acquaint yourself with the potential costs because it won’t help you, your family or your pet if you run into financial difficulties. When even a small pet such as a rabbit can cost you as much as £3,000 during its lifetime, pet ownership is not to be taken lightly.


Cats and Dogs


The latest research suggests that a cat or a dog will typically cost in the region of £1,000 each year to care for. This is what you will spend on food, vet’s bills, accessories like collars, leads litter trays and feeding bowls plus the fees for boarding kennels and the cost of purchasing flea and worming treatments. If you wish to have your animal groomed, then their care becomes even more costly. Clearly large dogs will prove to be an expensive choice as they will consume more food.


Save Money by Avoiding Obesity


It is thought that the average amount spent at the vet’s will increase in the coming years as pet obesity is now a major issue. Obesity is leading to a raft of health problems which are expensive to treat. Keeping your animal at a healthy weight is certainly the easiest way to mitigate your costs.


How Long Will Your Pet Live For?


You should also consider how long your pet could live for. A cat might live for 20 years and more which means that they will put a £20,000 dent in your income over their lifetime. A parrot could live for up to 75 years. With the cost of care averaging around £400 per year excluding any boarding fees, a parrot might set you back a cool £30,000.


Purchasing Your Pet


Of course these rather scary statistics do not take account of how much you might have to pay for your pet in the first place. A hamster or a goldfish isn’t going to be expensive. However, it costs £75 to rehome a cat from the Battersea Home for Cats and Dogs. You will spend £135 to rehome a dog. If you purchase a pedigree animal from a breeder, then the price really goes up. If you are looking for a kitten, that little ball of fluff might have a £1,000 price tag and a cockapoo puppy could require an investment of £1,250.


A pet will certainly enrich your life and you won’t begrudge the money that you have to spend on them. But you do need to have the cash available to spend. If your pet requires urgent veterinary attention, then the bills will have to be paid and you can’t ask your cat to wait for a few days whilst you scrape together the !.


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