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The Real Ace Ventura

It’s 20 years since Ace Ventura:Pet detective hit the big screen. It still seems like a rather fanciful tale but guess what? There really are pet detectives! I thought that this was a bit like discovering that Santa Claus exists. What a fabulous job to have! Pet detective I mean, not Santa. I wouldn’t fancy climbing down all of those chimneys!

Pet detective Across The Pond


Jamie Katz is a real life pet detective working in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She has been investigating the cases of various missing pets for almost two years and has so far managed to track down 150 animals. She has used her sleuthing abilities to find everything from dogs to parrots and is assisted by two tracking dogs.


Jamie was originally a private investigator but became interested in searching for lost pets when her friend’s moggie vanished. Katz was unimpressed with the private investigators that her friend employed to find the cat which was eventually traced by a neighbour. The investigators had promised to used tracking dogs but the dogs never appeared. Jamie decided that she could do better and wondered if tracking dogs really could help. She discovered that they could!


The Full-Time Sleuths


Jamie is one of what are believed to be only 10 full-time pet detectives in America. These include Kim Freeman a pet sleuth in Atlanta, Georgia who specialises in tracing cats. She does this with the help of her tracking cat, Henry, who she thinks is the only feline pet detective in the world. Henry was trained using cat fur. He was taught to seek out the fur and then provide a visual alert. Kim received her own training from Kat Albrecht who pioneered pet detection and has written at length on the subject.


Kim Freeman was capitulated into her full-time career when her own cat went on the missing list just after she had been trained to find animals. She was able to track him down and discovered that he was trapped in a storage container. He would probably have died if Kim hadn’t been able to trace him.


Albrecht was also motivated to become a pet detective after losing an animal. She was workings as a police officer and dog handler when her bloodhound disappeared. She used a search and rescue dog to help find him and her approach worked.


Pet detectives in the UK


You might be wondering if a detective service is available in the UK and it is! The Pet detectives and Animal Search UK are pet detective agencies who will look for your missing pet. Interestingly, both organisations were set-up by ex-police officers. Some people clearly have detecting in their blood.


You might be wondering how much such a service would set you back. Recovering your pet could cost up to £1300 but that is a small price to pay to be reunited with your furry or feathered friend.
Who would have thought it? There are Ace Venturas everywhere! Well, not quite everywhere but they are out there waiting to out their noses to the scent.


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