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The Most Frustrating Dog Behaviour

The Most Frustrating Dog Behaviour

We all love our pooches, but unfortunately they aren’t always on their best behaviour. No matter how hard you try, some dogs have some very annoying behaviours. These are common things that dogs do that drive their owners crazy.

Not many dogs are trained so well that they are 100% perfectly well behaved. They are animals after all and sometimes just end up doing what they do best. If your dog starts displaying one of these behaviours, don’t despair, a lot of behavioural issues can be sorted with the help of a professional dog trainer. Here are some of the most frustrating dog behaviour that owners have to deal with:

Destructive behaviour

When you leave the house and return home to find your dog has turned the place upside down. Destructive dogs like to chew the carpet and sofas, go through the bins and scratch away at doors. A lot of dogs are destructive either because they are bored and understimulated, or have separation issues.

Separation issues

Lots of dogs just love being around people, especially their beloved owners. So when they are left on their own or separated from their owner they become very distressed. This often happens when dogs are allowed to be around their owners all the time and then they struggle to cope when they are alone. Some dogs are just naturally anxious and love being around humans. It can be very difficult for owners with dogs who have separation problems, because leaving them proves very upsetting and worrying.

Excessive barking

Dogs that bark all day long can become very annoying. No one wants their dog to bark 24/7. Dogs bark for lots of different reasons, to alert their owners to an intruder, to communicate with other dogs and also for attention. Excessive barking can give you a real head ache, and if it becomes a long term habit, it can be tough to break and is definitely the most frustrating dog behaviour.



Dogs will guard lots of different things, from toys and food to random objects that they suddenly decide they own. This can develop into a very serious problem if it is not dealt with. A dog should not be allowed to guard or be possessive over certain objects. Some dogs value their owner so highly that they become overprotective and will guard their owner. If your dog shows any signs of guarding or aggressive when protecting an object speak to a canine behaviourist right away.


Toilet training issues

Some puppies are harder to toilet train than others. Toilet training can be very frustrating as it can take quite a lot of patience. Older dogs can develop problems with urinating or defecating at different stages in their life. Some will go to the toilet when they get stressed or anxious, others may develop problems due to medical issues. If your dog suddenly starts to have accidents then take them to the vet to rule out any medical issues.


Jumping up

Jumping up isn’t the most problematic behaviour, but it can be very annoying and occasionally cause injuries. Dogs that jump up can knock people over or injure them. If your dog jumps up at people a lot, you shouldn’t let them off the lead in public until you have taught them not to.


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