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The Most Expensive Dog In The World

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The most expensive dog in the world is now a Tibetan Mastiff puppy which was sold for a staggering 1.2 million in China. Some breeds are always going to be more expensive but this is an astonishing amount. The dog was bought by a property developer at a luxury pet fair in China. There are rumours circling that it if this story is true, it is possibly the most expensive dog sale in history.

Why would someone pay so much money for a dog? For most people it’s extremely difficult to understand. In the UK you can get a purebred Tibetan Mastiff for around £900, but in China they come with a shockingly large price tag. Why? These huge, that seem to resemble lions are an iconic status symbol among the wealthy in China. They are compared to other national treasures such as Pandas because they are so rare and impressive. A Chinese Zoo was caught out after trying to pass a Tibetan Mastiff off as a lion.

The property developer who bought the dog plans to breed these magnificent animals according to reports. Tibetan Mastiffs can live up to about ten years of age which is quite good for a very large dog. However, that’s still a very big price to pay for a dog that might only live for ten years.

Tibetan Mastiffs are an ancient breed of dog that were used by tribes for hunting and protection. They will fiercely defend livestock and family members. Working Tibetan Mastiffs bred in their native environment are very loyal dogs who are wary of strangers. They can be very aggressive if provoked. However, Tibetan Mastiffs in the UK are generally very friendly and gentle natured. They are extremely strong and well built dogs with a large frame. They have an extremely thick double coat and the most common colours are black and black and tan.


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