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The Most Difficult Dog to Groom

The World’s Most Difficult Dog to Groom?

Most dogs require regular grooming to keep their coats clean and free of matted fur. However, some breeds present a greater challenge than others. The Puli could well be the most difficult dog of all to groom. But its distinctive looks are so endearing that you may not be able to resist the challenge of owning one of these special dogs.


The Herder

The which is best known for its amazing corded coat. The tight curls ensure that the coat is almost entirely waterproof. The curls require frequent grooming to remain clean, neat and appealing.

The Rastafarian

If you have never seen a Puli then imagine a dog with dreadlocks or an old fashioned mop with eyes! They are adorable but you should not consider investing in a Puli if you don’t have the time or the budget for extensive grooming. The coat of the Puli grows quite aggressively and as the dog ages can reach the floor if it isn’t trimmed. Then the dog really does look like a giant mop! The Puli’s coat can be trimmed short if required and will grow back afterwards, but most owners choose this breed because they love those amazing curls!

Most Pulis are black but some dogs are cream, white or grey. The coats vary and
can have thinner or thicker cords which are either flat or round. The good news is that these dogs do not shed and so are a good choice if you have allergies or resent hairs all over your clothes and furniture.

Bursting With Energy

The Puli is an active dog with plenty of energy and so requires lengthy periods of exercise. They are intelligent too and so a lack of exercise and adventure tend to lead to bad behaviour. The Puli is an excellent choice if you enjoy running, cycling or working outdoors. They are agile and fast and can turn on a sixpence. They are loyal, courageous and fun but can also be rather headstrong. They are affectionate dogs but can be prone to sensitivity. In other words they are like giant puppies for their whole lives and demand a lot of attention.

A Working Dog with a Mop

Best suited to life in the country rather than the urban environment, the Puli is essentially a working dog. Adept at herding and an excellent guard dog, the Puli can be wary of strangers and will certainly attempt to drive intruders away. They are complex and demanding dogs and yet wonderful companions and
there is no denying their incredible charm.

If you do decide that a Puli is the perfect dog for you then do warn your groomer! They will adore your new friend but grooming these animals is something of a challenge. They must be groomed regularly or big trouble will ensue so you are best to visit your groomer often. Otherwise, one day, you will be presenting them with the ultimate nightmare!


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