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The Japanese Are Shaving Dogs Into Cubes

The Japanese Are Shaving Dogs Into Cubes

Dog grooming is an extremely creative skill. A lot of people don’t realise just how much time and effort goes into grooming a dog. There are all different types of grooming, from creative grooming to show grooming and pet grooming.

Creative grooming is perhaps the most fascinating, it involves styling dogs in unique ways. In creative grooming dogs will often be styled to look like other animals. See some examples . Now creative grooming is being taken to the next level as a new craze has begun in Japan. The Japanese are shaving dogs into cubes, and the results are hilarious. It’s hard to understand exactly why you would want a dog to look like a cube, but in creative dog grooming anything goes.

It’s not just the groomers that are obsessed with this craze, dog owners are actually requesting these hair cuts. They want their pooch to stand out when walking down the street. Pictures of dogs shaved into cubes have been spread around the internet, and dog owners around the world are baffled by this new style.

No one really knows why or when this trend started, but there were some dogs trimmed like cubes at the 2013 Tokyo Dog Festival. Perhaps this sparked interest in this unusual style of grooming.

A dog groomer in Taipei told the Daily Mail ‘It came about because people were always looking for more impressive haircuts, and somebody came up with the idea of shaping the dog like a hedge. The dogs don’t mind, and the owners keep coming back for more. This sort of haircut needs a lot more maintenance than the regular type.’

If you are thinking of getting your dog trimmed like this, you should know that not all breeds can be groomed like this. Dogs need to have enough hair around their face and body in order to achieve this style of groom.

Want to see what dogs look like when trimmed to look like square and rectangular shapes? Click on one of the links below.


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