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The Impact Of Puppy Farms And The Internet On Dog Breeding

A Puppy Farm Epidemic

Major animal organisations in the UK are warning we are facing huge problems when it comes to dog breeding. There has recently been a huge increase in irresponsible breeders and puppy farms with appalling conditions. More and more people are buying puppies from puppy farms without knowing it. 

Buying Puppies Online

Unfortunately the internet is not helping the situation. It allows people to easily buy puppies without doing the proper research and checks. Puppies are being sold online everywhere, and the public are being tricked. There are hundreds of different websites that sell dogs online. According to the Kennel Club ‘One in five pups bought online or in pet shops need long-term veterinary care or die before six months old.’

The Kennel Club Research

The Kennel club recently conducted some research into how people buy puppies. Some of the results are very surprising. ‘One third of puppy buyers do not see their puppy with its mum and half do not see where their pup was born and raised.’ One of the most important rules to follow when buying a new puppy is to see the puppy with it’s mother.

People Unknowingly Buying Puppies From Farms

The Dogs Trust also did a survey asking dog owners if they would consider buying a dog from a puppy farm. ‘Although almost 95% said no, when asked where they had got their dog from 15.1% - potentially 900,000 dog owners – admitted they had got them from an advert in the newspaper, the internet, a pet shop or a pet superstore, all outlets often supplied by puppy farms!’ (Source: Dogs Trust Battery Farmed Dogs Campaign -)

This research shows that even though people have the best intentions, they are still unknowingly buying from puppy farms and irresponsible breeders online. The key point being that people need more information about how to buy a puppy from a reputable breeder and signs to look out for. Without realising it, a lot of people are putting money in irresponsible breeder’s pockets and fuelling the puppy farm fire. Also, some people think they are rescuing dogs when try and save them, but simply by buying them they are making the problem worse, because the puppy farms make more money.

Physically Deformed Puppies

No care at all goes into the breeding of these puppies and how they might turn out. They don’t do any health screening and the result is severely ill and deformed puppies.

Big Vet Bills 

People who have bought puppies from irresponsible breeders advertising online or from pet shops or puppy farms are having to pay huge vet bills. The puppies often arrive in poor health or develop conditions later on in life.

Behavioural Issues

Many of these pups sadly have severe behavioural issues because they are often taken away from their mother at a very young age. They can also be very fearful and have lots of issues as a result of the poor conditions they have to endure for the first few weeks of their lives.

Bad Conditions 

Some of the pictures and evidence from puppy farms show exactly what appalling conditions they live in. They bitches are kept in very small spaces, away from other dogs and people and often without sunlight. They are confined to the breeding area and suffer the cruelty of getting no exercise or social interaction. Males are often kept locked away in awful conditions until they are needed for mating.

Get A Healthy Pup - In order to get a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder you need to do the following things:

  • See the puppy with the mother.
  • Make sure the puppies have been given health checks.
  • Go and see where you puppy was bored and is being raised.
  • Get your puppy from a Kennel Club registered breeder.


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