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The Hidden Costs Of Owning A Dog

The Hidden Costs Of Owning A Dog

There are some very obvious costs to owning a dog such as food, vaccinations and vet bills. Most prospective dog owners are aware of these things before they get a dog. Some people will even work out all the costs they think they will need to cover when they get a dog. However, you need to think about the hidden costs of owning a dog that may catch you by surprise, and are often left off people’s lists.

If you are thinking of getting a dog you need to make sure you will be able to support them financially. Some dogs end up being neglected because their owners can’t afford to pay for everything they need. For those who are considering getting a dog, here are some hidden costs to bear in mind.


Most people know that you will probably need to invest in some puppy training when your dog is young. However, if your dog develops a serious behavioural problem as they get older, you might have to see a canine behaviourist. Experienced canine behaviourists and dog trainers aren’t cheap, and if your dog develops an ongoing problems that’s hard to crack, training can become very expensive.


This is something all dog owners should be aware of, but unfortunately a lot of people fail to factor the cost of grooming in. Or they think they can do it themselves when they can’t, and end up having to pay for a professional groomer. Some dogs need to be groomed every four weeks, and so grooming should be factored into the overall monthly cost. Even dogs that don’t really need to be groomed need their nails cut and should have the occasional brush and wash.

Dog sitting

Another cost that some owners forget about is the cost of daycare. You assume you will be around most of the time. However, when you end up going on your annual holiday you end up having to fork out hundreds of pounds. Most dog day care places charge about £30 a night these days, which means the cost of dog sitting can really add up.

Additional rental costs

If you are renting housing and have a dog, not only will it be more difficult to find a place but it could also be more expensive. A lot of landlords ask for a larger deposit and even a higher monthly rent if you have a dog.


Dogs can be clumsy and sometimes accidents happen. They can also occasionally become destructive. This means that there is a chance you may have to pay for things that they break.


This is not covered on your insurance. If you want to have your dog spayed or neutered then you have to pay for it yourself, and it can be pricey.

Pet passport

Want to take your dog abroad? A pet passport can cost around £200. This is quite a large sum but it is a one of payment, which means it will be cheaper than putting your dog in kennels each time you go away.

Dog walking

Even if you are able to walk your dog every day, there may come a time when you will need a dog walker. People often forget to factor this cost in when they are considering the costs of owning a dog.


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