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The Government Votes that Animals Don’t Feel Pain

This week the government inexplicably voted that animals have no emotions and can’t feel pain! The nation’s withdrawal from the EU is currently being shaped and from 2019, all animals which aren’t pets will be threatened. As scientific research has consistently shown that animals do have feelings, some stronger than our own, how could the Government possibly reach this decision?

The IQ of a Jellyfish?

Our politicians have clearly decided that they know better than all of the eminent scientists on the planet. The vote means that any animal which is ripe for exploitation is fair game. Our cute and fluffy dogs will remain protected but what about our treasured wildlife? The Independent’s correspondent has described MP’s as having "less intelligence than a jellyfish"!

Gone to the Dogs

It has to be said that we are a nation of contradictions. Whilst there will always be a major outcry when a dog is treated with cruelty, many of us remain happy to eat meat and eggs from chickens which suffer appalling conditions throughout their lives. Things could be about to get a whole lot worse for the chickens.

Animal Rights Threatened

80 per cent of the UK’s animal welfare legislation comes from the EU. If the government are prepared to vote that animals are not sentient, are they likely to bother with the rest of the EU legislation which protects animals? If the Government doesn’t believe that animals can even feel pain, they may not be prepared to protect their rights at all.

Animal Exploitation

When we leave the EU, pets will be protected by the Animal Welfare Act 2006. But this law offers no protection to laboratory animals and any creatures in other forms of captivity. Under EU law it is illegal to test cosmetics on animals. But this law could easily end up being scrapped too. Testing on animals could become commonplace once more and farm animals could be horribly exploited.

The Role of Public Opinion

The ridiculous vote demonstrates just how much havoc could be caused by Brexit. There are so many laws to address that decisions will come thick and fast. How many will be scrapped without the public really getting to hear what is happening or fully understanding the implications. There has been no public consultation regarding the recent vote about animals. Public opinion doesn’t seem to matter.

The Time to Act is Now

In the next few weeks and months, our futures will be shaped. Once all of the new laws are passed, it won’t be impossible to repeal them all at the time we leave the EU if we happen to disagree with them. It is important that any changes are challenged now so that we do not reach that point.


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