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The Duke That Became A Mayor

While not entirely implausible, it is fairly unlikely that a Duke would become a Mayor. Except, in this story, the Duke in question is a dog; a Great Pyrenees, to be exact. Duke was elected Mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota, USA, for the third time in 2016. Yes, you read that correctly - As of December 2016, Duke the dog has been re-elected Mayor for the second time.

One can only assume that Duke is an Excellent town mayor, he is serving a third term after all, because he also features on billboards around town. His owner once told the local radio station that she didn’t know who would run against him. She went on to say that Duke had done "great things" for the community of Cormorant. Exactly what those could be is anyone’s guess.


Easy Rider


The first time that Duke became Mayor of Cormorant, the inauguration went as you would probably expect it to - even if the new mayor is a dog. The day included a drive through the town in a convertible car, for example, while the new Mayor wore a traditional sash with the name of the town on it. Being a patriotic kind of dog, Duke also wore a neck tie emblazoned with the stars and stripes.


According to a local event manager, who also happens to be a member of Duke’s staff (every mayor has to have staff, you know), the newly re-elected mayor was required to place his furry paw on the Bible and take the oath of office. Unfortunately, due to a lack of translators, nobody was entirely certain that Duke repeated the oath correctly, but everybody was satisfied that he took it seriously.


The Mayoral Oath


The oath, as read out by the chairman (a human) of Cormorant Township, is as follows:
"You are about to embark upon a great time of service, and tremendous personal and professional growth...if you accept this challenge and these responsibilities, please bark or pant."

Because Duke took the post and duties of Mayor of seriously, as he should, he duly respected the request and proceeded to pant. Clearly, Duke saw the importance of the position and the excellent opportunity it gave him to further his professional development.


Give that Dog a Bone


Being elected to office is a tremendous achievement for anybody. Doing it three times is simply incredible and doing it as a dog is just epic . Duke is not the only dog in history to be given a title, but he is almost certainly the only one that has ever won an election - and three times, too!


The world may well be a better place if there were more canines in high places, but sadly we will probably never know. For the moment, let’s just bask in Duke’s glory and let him be a lesson to all of us - just because you were born with slightly more facial hair than the next guy, that doesn’t mean you cannot run your own town one day!


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