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The Definition Of A True Dog Lover

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Do you consider yourself a true dog lover? People who are crazy about dogs have a lot in common, and tend to do specific things that show just how much they love man’s best friend. Find out if you really are a dog fanatic by reading the characteristics listed below. If you can think of any other things that dog lover’s tend to do then feel free to leave a comment below. Here are the things that we have picked out that we think do lovers are likely to do.

Attend Dog Events

You probably regularly attend dog events, shows and exhibitions. These events provide the opportunity to see lots of different dogs, meet like minded people and get the latest canine products.

Go On Training Courses

You may specialise in a specific area such as training, grooming or nutrition or you might go on training courses simply to top up your knowledge. Many dog lovers go on dog courses simply for enjoyment purposes.

Talk To Anyone Who Has A Dog

True dog lovers will often stop and speak to people who have dogs, on dog walks especially but also in the street. It’s really easy to start a conversations with other dog owners as dog lovers often enjoy nothing more than talking about their dogs.

Look Forward To Going To The Pet Store

You probably enjoy going to the pet shop to stock up on supplies because you can browse all the new dog products. Getting new toys and chews for your dog is always nice because you get to go home and see the look on their face when you give them a treat.

Have Dog Souvenirs And Memorabilia

Do you have dog mugs, keyrings and paintings around your home? You might even have some dog related clothing such as dog printed t-shirts and clothing you have brought home from dog events and shows.

Browse Rescue Centre Websites

Do you check rescue centre websites on a daily basis, even if you aren’t planning on getting a dog yet? You will probably find yourself looking for excuses to adopt your next dog or get a new puppy. Looking at rescue centre websites really tugs at your heartstrings.

Upload Pictures Of Your Dog To Facebook - Daily

Just like many people post lots of pictures of their children on social media, dog lovers are highly likely to upload endless pictures of their dogs, and dog pictures in general. You will be tempted to upload a picture of your dog whenever they do something entertaining, funny or cute to share with all your friends.

Show Off Your Dog Knowledge & Tell Your Friends Endless Dog Stories.

When talking to strangers, if the subjects of dogs somehow comes up you jump at the chance to show off your knowledge and talk about dogs. You may even steer the subject towards dogs just so you can spend some time talking about them! You probably also tell your friends way too many dog stories.

Support A Canine Charity & Encourage Responsible Dog Owners

If you are dog lover then you might be a member of a dog charity of rescue centre. You probably also try and campaign for people to be responsible with their dogs and educate friends and family about canine welfare.


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