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The Death of Police Dogs – Alerts all dog lovers

The harrowing news about  two police dogs that were left in a car to die from overheating has caused a stir in the pet world. The two dogs, a German shepherd puppy and a working Belgian Malinois, died tragically, after being left in a private vehicle at the Metropolitan Police training unit in Keston. Temperatures rose to 30C (86F) on Sunday and it would be far too hot for any pet left in such conditions.

This case highlights the need for all dog owners to be much more aware of the dangers of leaving their pets in a vehicle without ventilation for any length of time.

"It can take as little as 20 minutes for a dog to die and temperatures can rise to above 40 degrees in some vehicles".

Our advice to dog owners

If you can avoid shutting your dog away in a car and actually leave it at home, this is the best option. You can also think about taking measures to make sure your dog is comfortable and cooler.

Leave plenty of water down so that your dog does not get dehydrated.

Substitute thick bedding for thin material so that your dog does not over heat when asleep

If your dog is an outdoor dog, bring him inside during the hottest hours of the day, and provide a shaded area in the yard.

Turn lights off in part of the house that your dog sleeps in.

If your dog has thick long hair, take him/her to the groomers for a haircut. If he/she has thin hair you may even need to apply sun cream.

When you are out walking, make sure you chose the coolest part of the day and walk amongst trees and shaded parts to limit the full amount of heat exposure.


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