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The Croydon Cat Killer

More than 250 pets have been found dead and decapitated around the country area since 2014. The killing spree began in the Croydon area and many of the killings have taken place in South London and Surrey. Also known as the M25 Killer, this sadistic murderer has been the feature of a television documentary. Most of the victims have been cats but the deaths of deer, foxes and rabbits have also been linked to this maniac.

Serial Killer

The killings began in 2014 and the guilty party appears to have progressively widened their search area when looking for victims. The police have been investigating the case and the psychologists helping them believe that the killer could eventually shift their attention to people and so it is vital that they are caught. Many serial killers have a history of cruelty to animals.

Sadistic Murderer

The cat killer is so sadistic that he or she often dismembers the bodies and is given to leaving the corpses below the owners’ bedroom windows. Bodies have even been found adjacent to school playgrounds. The vast majority of the victims have been found in Greater London but animals with identical wounds have been discovered as far away as Birmingham, Manchester and the Isle of Wight.

The Police and the charity SNARL are asking that anyone who discovers a potential victim notifies them immediately and stays with the remains until an official arrives to prevent them from being removed by the council.

Modus Operandi

Some of the dismembering appears to be performed in a surgical fashion whilst other injuries have clearly been rushed. This illustrates that killer is forced to hurry up when on other people’s property or when they believe they are about to be disturbed. But his or her modus operandi is to kill animals and wait for them to bleed out before positioning them where they wish to display them. The murders have taken place in clusters in the various locations.

Police Investigation

Police launched their investigation into the deaths in September 2015. The Metropolitan Police say that they have so far spent 1020 hours investigating the crimes. The charity PETA is offering a reward of £5,000 for information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the murderer. All of the bodies which have been recovered since the investigation began are being stored as evidence.

Chicken has been found in the stomachs of many feline victims suggesting that the killer lured them towards him with food. The corpses have been tested for DNA but none has been recovered.

Potential Sighting

The latest murders have taken place in Caterham, Surrey. But now a potential siting of the killer in Caterham has been reported. A mysterious figure was heard making kissing sounds at the same time as a witness heard a cat bell. The figure became aware that they had been seen and hurried off. They were described as wearing dark clothing but the witness could not tell if they were looking at a man or a woman.

The sighting of the potential perpetrator came after three cats had been found dead in the area. It looks as if the serial killer has turned his attention to Caterham but any neighbourhood could fall prey to this terrible murderer.



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