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The Cost Of Canine Obesity - How To Keep Your Dog Fit and Healthy

Canine obesity is becoming a problem in the UK, in fact, it is one of the fastest growing canine health problems. Owners just can’t resist overfeeding their dogs and making them overweight. They think they are being kind by feeding their dogs lots of treats when the reality is they are putting their dog at risk. Dogs who are overweight can die around two years earlier than a fit and healthy dog. Being overweight can also be uncomfortable for the dog and can significantly reduce their quality of life.


If you want to do a quick check to see if your dog is overweight then run your hands along their ribs, if you can feel a few ribs then your dog should be fine. The best thing to do is head down to your local vet and get your dog weighed, your vet will know if they need to lose some weight. If your dog is a little overweight then here are some things you can do to help them lose weight and stay healthy.

Longer Walks

Can you increase the length of time you walk your dog for? Try and give your dog that little bit of extra time so that they can burn off all their energy and increase their fitness. Most dogs should be walked for at least an hour a day. If you can’t do one very long walk then try and add an extra walk later on in the day.


Agility is an excellent form of exercise for your dog, and it also provides mental stimulation. If you can join a weekly agility class then your dog should start to get fitter in no time. Agility classes involve your dog running through, over and around obstacles around a course. It’s also good exercise and great fun for owners.


Flyball is a fun sport for you to try with your dog and a brilliant way to keep your dog happy and healthy. Your dog has to race over some hurdles to a box that releases and ball and then run back to you with the ball. There are plenty of events and places to train all over the country.

Cani X

If you like running then you will love Cani X, it’s basically a cross country race but with your dog. You can dedicate some time to training together on a regular basis which will help to get both you and your dog fit. The longer distance running is a good way for your dog to burn fat and lose weight.


Play is a really fun form of exercise for your dog. Get some tennis balls, frisbees and outdoor toys for your dog and play with them regularly in your garden or at the park. Retrieval tasks are quite good as they will get your dog sprinting back and forth to get different objects. It’s also a wonderful way to bond with your dog and give them some regular mental stimulation.

Healthy Treats

We all like to treat our dogs occasionally, but make sure you are not treating your dog too much. Look for dog treats that are low in fat and high in protein. Bones are a good treat as they last longer and shouldn’t impact your dogs weight too much. Try high protein treats such as Goodboy Deli treats which contain a minimum of 75% meat and are low in fat.


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