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The Commonwealth Games: Gold Medal Winning Pets

To celebrate the upcoming arrival of the Commonwealth Games, which start on July 23rd 2014, the GJW Titmuss team have decided to showcase some of the finest gold medal winning pets in action.

Now we know that pets aren’t actually allowed to enter the competition, but if they could these star performances would certainly take home the first prize for their efforts.

So get set to take a look at a selection of our favourites below and observe these amazing and incredibly talented pets in action for yourself.

Gizmo the Boxing Cat

There are a total of 21 sports in the games, all of which are approved by the Commonwealth Games Federation. Boxing is classed as one of the core variations, which means that it must be included on each programme during the event.

This would be great news for this clever cat, who has crafted his own boxing style by mimicking the stars on the telly.

Take a look at his unique style, sharp left hook, and knock-out moves in the video below. With over 20 seconds of full boxing action, we’re sure he would claim the top spot in the Commonwealth Games - for pets of course!


Petey the Basketball Dog

Next up in our gold medal winning pets list is Petey the dog. He’s a fan of basketball, which is another popular sport in the Commonwealth Games, and his skills are second to none.

Arriving on the court in style, it doesn’t take him long to start shooting, scoring some hoops, and practicing his passing with his owner.

Don’t worry about Petey getting hurt though – he’s using a lighter ball to protect his mouth and special boots to keep his paws safe from harm.

Take a look at his best shot in action, captured in slow motion at 1:06 in the video below.


Dalmatian on a Bike

Okay so this one at first glance looks a little strange, but it’s impressive nonetheless. Yes, this clever Dalmatian has managed to master the art of cycling on a bike!

With his paws on the pedals, he heads up the road with his owner by his side to the bemusement of many local onlookers.

The best footage comes at 0:23 seconds when the dog sits on the bike and gets comfortable, before once again slowly cycling up the road.

At the speed this pup is going we don’t think he’d quite manage to keep up with humans, although he’s definitely putting the training in to become top dog!


Ping Pong Playing Cat

This cat doesn’t need a bat - a paw will do. Lining up on the other side of the table tennis table, he manages to return the majority of balls being served to him.

There’s a bit of aggressive behaviour with the net at 0:05 seconds in, but the clever kitty regains his composure to hit back a series of skilful shots.

He may have been busy training hard to get this good, but his skills definitely earn him a gold medal in our eyes.

Take a look at him in action for yourself:


Purin the Football Superstar

With the 2014 World Cup under way there are plenty of talented players on the pitch, but have you ever seen the skills of Purin the superstar Beagle?

From decent dribbling, sublime saves, and glorious goal celebrations, Purin is an all-round player who would be fit to make any team.

Although football is a recognised sport in the Commonwealth Games - meaning that it’s been approved but requires expansion before it can be played - this Beagle should definitely be snapped up for first team action as soon as possible.

Check out Purin’s skills below.


Medals All Round

So there you have it, some of the top talented pets in action; from Gizmo the boxing cat, to a Dalmation mastering cycling in his stride!

Let us know if you think we’ve missed any other contenders by adding your thoughts in the comments section below and in the meantime, enjoy the Commonwealth Games.

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