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The Cat Who Crossed the Irish Sea

The Cat Who Crossed the Irish Sea

Cats rarely stray from their homes. They have a well-developed sense of when they are well off and tend to stick around when they find themselves in a safe place where food is provided. However, cats can disappear for a variety of reasons and so it is a good idea to have your furry friend microchipped in case they turn up again. Which they often do and sometimes in the most unlikely places.


A Cat With an Amazing Name

Sapeurs Pompier was a rescue moggie who resided in Belfast. His owner, Julie Blair, had taken on sapeurs as a tiny kitten after he had been abandoned. She had bottle fed him and then kept him as a treasured pet after he was weaned. In case you are wondering about the extraordinary name, Sapeurs-Pompiers is French for fire fighters. Heaven knows why Ms Blair decided that this was the right name for the cat. It is a hell of a moniker to call out when you need to find your kitty!


Sapeurs Pompier seemed content but one day he simply disappeared. After a few days Ms Blair presumed that he must have met with disaster and was probably dead. 18 months passed and then Sapeurs was discovered foraging for scraps near a takeaway restaurant – in Liverpool!

The resourceful cat was found on Speke Hall Road in Liverpool. Locals reported that he had been seen around the area for several weeks before rescue volunteers from Garston Animal Rescue spotted the moggie and picked him up. His identity was uncovered when he was scanned and found to have a microchip. Julie Blair then received a phone call to tell her that Sapeurs Pompier was alive and well. She travelled to Liverpool for a wonderful reunion. She couldn’t bear for Sapeurs to be rehomed and had to get him back.

Incredible Journey

It is not known how the cat managed to find his way across the Irish Sea from Belfast to Liverpool. Clearly he didn’t swim across to England and so he may have found his way into a lorry. As he was missing for so long, it is impossible to know whether he had been in Liverpool the whole time or whether he had become lost in Belfast, stayed there for a time and then took his unexpected trip. He could even have been adopted by a Belfast family who then relocated to England.

In a freaky coincidence, the volunteers who rescued Sapeurs had christened him Danny Boy. They were astonished when they discovered that he hailed from Northern Ireland. Sapeurs was forever to be known as 'the cat who crossed the Irish sea'!

Where was Sapeurs Pompier?

Sapeurs Pompier is a gorgeous grey and white cat who is four years old. Perhaps you have seen him around Liverpool or know something about where he was for the 18 months that he was missing. If so, then let us know!


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