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The Benefits Of Rehoming A Dog

If you haven’t adopted a dog before or don’t know much about adoption you may not be aware of the benefits. If you haven’t considered rehoming a dog then read on to discover why it’s better than getting a puppy.



Everyone that has a rescue dog will agree it is very rewarding. You see such a change in your dog from when you take them home to when they are settled. You have given them a home and someone to care for them. Some rescue dogs have incredible, heart warming stories from having a horrible life to being truly loved.


Helping dogs out

When you rescue a dog you are obviously helping dogs out. Rescue centres in the UK are getting full, there are too many dogs in need. There isn’t always enough space. By taking a rescue dog you have freed up a kennel for another dog to be rescued.


Special bond

Those people who have rescue dogs will agree that you have a special bond with them. It’s as if they know you saved them from a tough life and this really helps strengthen your bond. There is something wonderful about having a rescue dog.


Cheaper initial cost

If you buy a puppy you will probably have to spend at least a few hundred pounds. There is still usually a fee for rescue dogs but it is a lot less. It also often includes things such as vaccination and microchipping.


You could save a life

By taking a rescue dog home you could have saved their life. They might not otherwise have found a home and would continue to be stressed in kennels. Some dogs have shocking stories where they have been near death and nursed back to health and given a good home.


Most are housetrained

Most rescue dogs tend to be housetrained. If you get a rescue puppy you will have to toilet train them and there are some older dogs that might not yet have been toilet trained. However, on the whole most of them are toilet trained which is a big help.


Giving a dog a second chance

By getting a rescue dog you are also giving them a second chance. Their life might not have got off to a great start but you can enhance their experience. Some dogs will go through a few different homes before they find the right owners who are patient enough to give them a shot.

Choose a dog with the right temperament

With puppies you can predict what their temperament might be like being seeing them with their litter. However, this doesn’t guarantee that they will turn out like you expected. When you get a rescue dog you can meet them and see if they are the right fit for you. You can see whether they are timid, boisterous or affectionate. The rescue centre will match you with a dog that is best for your lifestyle.



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