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As the majority of cat owner will know, cats thoroughly enjoy scratching. While your cat's claws can be trimmed, it is not a good idea to remove them entirely as cats in essence enjoy scratching and to them it is a way of entertaining themselves. The moment your cat notices they have claws; you will almost certainly start to see damage to table legs, wallpaper chairs, and mostly any item of furniture which they can destroy. This is when cat scratching posts come in very useful.

Discovering a scratching post which your cat enjoys using and which genuinely entertains them is vital; yet this can be a difficult task. It is prudent to look for habits in your cat to see when and how they like to scratch. The bulk of cats like to scratch upright, standing on their rear legs, so if your cat repeatedly scratches the legs of your furniture and upholstery, then is probably best to go for a vertical scratching post which they are more likely to find appealing. Moreover it is wise to position the scratching post in areas where they routinely scratch furniture or else next to their favourite piece of furniture. If you are still finding it difficult to get your cat to use the scratching post, top manufacturers like Ancol actually offers a range which includes catnip, as a result attracting your cat to the post. Your cat should then ultimately start associating it with the feeling of pleasure and enjoyment. Furthermore you can also offer treats to your cat when they begin to use the scratching post rather than your pieces of furniture, so that they start to correlate the scratching post with good behaviour and rewards.

Furthermore cats have a passion for climbing on things such as windowsills, work surfaces, beds and tables etc. Cats also enjoy hiding inside cupboards and under pieces of furniture. are also available with tunnels and multi levelled platforms. This creates an activity centre for your cat. This is beneficial for your cat, as it provides exercise and generally keeps them agile both mentally and physically. Moreover it also lets you to keep track of them and helps to prevent damage to your home.


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