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The Benefits Of Adopting An Older Dog

If you are thinking of getting a new dog then don’t rule out the possibility of getting an older dog. Older dogs need a home too, there are many older dogs all around the UK in desperate need of a home. Lots of people overlook older dogs because they want a puppy or they think they are too old to form a bond with. Older dogs will love you just as much as any other dog and appreciate your companionship. All they want is a nice peaceful home to happily live their final years.

Older dogs can be much easier to look after than younger dogs. They are likely to be much more docile and better trained then very young dogs. Yes it can be harder to teach old dogs new tricks but it is definitely possible. Dogs can be quite good at adapting to new situations and learning new routines.

Another benefit of getting an older dog is they are not likely to need a huge amount of exercise. If you aren’t very active or can’t get out for very long walks every day then an older dog might be the right choice for you. Obviously it still depends on which breed you want to get because some breeds are much more energetic, even in their older years.

In most cases, older dogs are also house trained. They are unlikely to have lots of little accidents. If you get a puppy you will have to start toilet training from scratch. Most older dogs will have already mastered this skill. Older dogs are also likely to sleep through the night, whereas getting a new puppy will probably mean getting up several times every night.

You can select an older dog that really suits your needs. The rescue centre will have a good idea of their needs, temperament and any issues they might have. Therefore you can search for an older dog that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle. We can predict how puppies might turn out but you never really know until they get a bit older.

Older dogs have gone through all the puppy stages and are unlikely to chew everything you own. Wheres puppies will have to go through a teething stage and you will have to be prepared for a few things to be damaged. It’s true that some older dogs can still have a few bad habits, they aren’t always going to be perfect. However, in general, most older dogs are less demanding and will take up less of your time. They may be quite happy to sleep all day long and accompany you on a few trips here and there. They probably won’t demand your attention as much as a younger dog would and are generally much easier to look after.

If you want a companion but you can’t really look after a younger dog properly then an older dog may be the right choice for you. Lots of older dogs simply adore being lap dogs and having a quiet life. It’s true that you won’t not have them by your side as long as a puppy. However, you will get a good few years of companionship and it is far less of a commitment. Consider giving an older dog a loving home if you are considering getting a dog.


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