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The Bank Holiday Blues – Why You need Dog Shampoo at Easter

There are certain things in life which are a always sure thing and that includes bad weather over a bank holiday weekend. It’s almost as if the elements are determined to exact their revenge on humankind whenever people have the opportunity to escape their desks and enjoy the great outdoors.

Easter 2018

The 2018 Easter Weekend was a case in point. The one time of year when we are all treated to two bank holidays, Easter should be the perfect time to get out and about with our pooches. But this year, appalling weather blighted the holiday and for many, bank holiday Monday was akin to Armageddon. However, even in the face of the apocalypse, dogs still need their walks!

Dirty Doggies

When the rain is lashing down there really isn’t anywhere that you can walk the dog without them getting absolutely filthy, even if they have a raincoat. Fields and parks become mud baths, the sand on the beach is sodden and footpaths are punctuated by a series of puddles. Naturally dogs will always gravitate towards the nearest quagmire and so what a bank holiday really means for dog owners is an investment in canine shampoo!

A Trip to the Beach

For my part, I took my pampered pooches to the beach in an attempt to avoid the worst of the mud. This tactic was an epic fail!

This is Bodie after his coastal adventures!


I was comforted by the thought that things would have been a whole lot worse had I opted for a walk in the countryside. The last time I tried that in the pouring rain, my dogs looked like they had been dipped in a vat of tar. I have seriously contemplating the wisdom of choosing white dogs. But I concluded that colour is irrelevant. You might not be able to see the filth on a black dog but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. At least I know when my dogs are about to ruin my furniture!

What’s the Point?

I have come to the conclusion that there really isn’t any point trying to keep my dogs clean when we go out. I am aware of the spread of Alabama Rot which appears to lurk in mud. But I live in a rural area and my dogs love their adventures. They adore running around and exploring, not walking next to me as I wrestle with their leads and try to prevent them from becoming tangled up. I had to laugh this week as a series of fellow beach combers commented on how cute my utterly filthy hounds were! How could they tell? There were just two pairs of eyes peering out from behind all the muck!

A good bath after a day out always does the trick. The dogs are restored to their beautiful best and look gorgeous for a few precious hours before they completely trash their look the next time we go out. Such is life!


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