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The Awkward Moment When A Dog Lover Meets A Cat Lover

Have you ever started getting to know someone when you realise you both like different pets? Conversation over. It’s quite a let down if you are a dog person to discover someone is a cat person (or the other way around). People tend to be quite stubborn about the type of pet they prefer to the point where they really dislike the other pet.

One moment you are chatting away thinking ‘I really quite like this person’ and as soon as the cat/dog bombshell is dropped you suddenly have nothing to talk about. Or you launch into a very heated debate over which species is best and why. This is an argument that will never be resolved.

It’s quite clear that dog people and cat people are two different species of human. If you really like dogs for example, you might not feel much warmth towards cats. There are some people who lovingly accept both cats and dogs into their home and are able to appreciate the best of both worlds.

Do dog people and cat people have different personalities? Dogs like being part of a family and are very demanding whereas cats live their own lives and are very independent. A study done by a psychologist at the University of Texas spoke to 4,565 people about whether they prefer dogs or cats or like both species. They were then assessed to identify what sort of personality they had. The results found that The results showed that dog people were generally about 15 percent more extroverted and 13 percent more agreeable, both of which dimensions are associated with social orientation.()

Sometimes when you meet a potential new partner and discover they like dogs and you like cats this information is enough to end the relationship. The animals you have in your home are very personal, and it’s difficult to try and live with pets that you really can’t relate to, or be denied the presence of the pets that you prefer. Some people do manage to find a compromise to can turn their partner to favour their preferred choice. However, if you feel very strongly about cats or dogs in particular you will be unlikely to budge.

Whether you prefer cats or dogs is heavily influenced by your experiences as a child. Lots of people will naturally choose the same type of pets as the ones they grew up with. Your childhood pets hold special memories and remind you of home, so it’s only natural that you follow the same preferences as your parents. Some people discover different pets later on in life and realise what they have been missing out on, but this often takes someone else to give them the nudge.


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