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The advantages of cat scratching posts

As almost all cat owners will know, cats truly love to scratch; unfortunately they can often scratch the most inappropriate things. Even though a cat's claws can be trimmed, it is not actually suggested that you remove them completely as cats in fact really enjoy scratching and it is a type of entertainment for them. As soon as cats learn that they have claws, a cat owner will start to see the damage to their, chairs, wallpaper, table legs, carpets and other fixtures and fittings which they can damage. This is where come in handy.

Cats really love to climb on things such as beds, kitchen work surfaces and tables. They also like to hide inside cupboards and under beds and under other furniture. cat scratching posts are available with platforms and other special nooks and crannies. This basically creates a very exciting activity centre for your cat. This provides valuable exercise for your cat, but furthermore it enables you as the pet owner to keep an eye on your cat to prevent your home being ruined.

Therefore locating a cat scratching post which your cat really likes to use and which genuinely enthrals them is critical. However this can be quite a tricky task indeed. A good start is to look for behavioural patterns within your cat to see when they like to scratch. It is usually good practise to place your new cat scratching post in an area where your cat will normally scratch furniture or next to their preferred chair. If however you are still finding it hard to persuade your cat to use the post, then there are certain scratching posts on the market which contain catnip, which should entice your cat to use the post. Scratching posts can be purchased from any good .


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