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The 5 Worst Things Dog Owners Do

Worst Things Dog Owners Do

Dog owners usually mean well, but they can often do things that are detrimental to their dog. Dogs need to be well trained and given clear boundaries. If you let your dog do whatever it wants you will soon end up with a dog that’s out of control.

In a lot of cases, it is not the dog’s fault that they are behaving in a certain way, because their owner has unknowingly taught them to. Dog owners aren’t perfect, we all make mistakes when training and looking after our dog. Here are 5 of the most detrimental things that dog owners do, often without realising it.

Spoil their dog too much

It’s completely fine to spoil your dog every now and then. We all want to give our dog tasty and get them lots of fun . However, when dogs are spoiled too much they can develop behavioural issues.

Letting their dog control them

Some owners aren’t firm enough with their dogs, and will let them do whatever they want. If you are out in a public place with your dog you should be able to control them, if not, don’t let them off the lead. Don't let your dog get away with naught behaviours because they are cute, make sure they know who is boss.


People often see giving their dog lots of food and treats as an act of kindness. In reality, overfeeding a dog is actually very cruel. You are subjecting them to unnecessary health issues. Being overweight puts pressure on their joints and can make it difficult for them to breathe, and get around. Make sure your dog is at a healthy weight. If they a little on the large side, talk to your very about how they can lose some weight.

Treating their dog like a person

We spend so much time with our dogs that we often forget that they are animals at all. To a lot of people, dogs are a part of the family. However, it’s important to remember that your dog isn’t a person, they are a dog. Some of the things they do might seem quite human, but at the end of the day they are an animal that has certain needs. Dogs should be able to do things that dogs do best and can often develop bad behaviours if they are treated like humans.

Not providing their dog with enough exercise

Dog owners have a responsibility to provide their dog with enough exercise. It’s not fair to leave a dog sitting at home all day without the chance to go out for a walk. Going on a walk is one of the main pleasures they get on a daily basis. Try and provide your dog with enough physical stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. Some people get a dog when they don’t have enough time to properly look after them.


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